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Remembering Robert W. Dickey

Remembering KQV President and General Manager Robert W. Dickey, who passed away Christmas Eve at the age of 84, anchor PJ Maloney has produced a retrospective of a man who dedicated his professional life to radio. It include tributes from broadcasters, staff, friends and public officials...
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Pittsburgh Pays Tribute to Judge John Feeney

Pittsburgh has just paid tribute to Judge John Feeney, one of the city's most distinguished jurists and civic leaders.
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Memorial Day, 2011…Lest We Forget!

For most Americans, this memorial day weekend is primarily the first long three-day holiday of the coming summer season;
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Pittsburgh – Pothole Capital of America!

Do you remember a few years ago when Pittsburgh was given the title – "The Most Livable City in America?"
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Why the Delay on the Poplowski Trial?

One of the greatest tragedies in Pittsburgh's recent history was the premeditated gunning down of three police officers in Stanton Heights two years ago.
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The Pirates 125th Season ... Nowhere to Go But Up!

While those of us who live in Pittsburgh are experiencing the last vestiges of winter with the snow, muck and mire, the Pittsburgh Pirates are in Chicago to launch the 2011 Major League baseball season...the clubs' 125th seasons.
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Time to Revamp the State Legislature!

When newly-elected Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett submitted his proposed budget for the upcoming year, there was one item that was conspicuousby its absence...
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Governor Tom Corbett's 2011-2012 Budget…Time for a Reality Check!

After much anticipation, Governor Tom Corbett announced his budget which has a price tag of $27.3 billion…
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The New Era in Harrisburg

The big question is – is there a new day dawning in Harrisburg – or will it be four more years of the same old?
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Go Steelers!

Those of us who live in Pittsburgh can take justifiable pride and joy in this great city of ours and its accomplishments down through the years!
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Time to Ban Teacher Strikes!

Pennsylvania has the dubious distinction of being the country’s leader in teacher strikes.
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A Christmas Wish for All

Christmas is the time of the year when most of us tend to be reflective.
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The Future of Mellon Arena!

One of the most compelling issues facing the city of Pittsburgh has been what to do with the Civic Arena –
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Earmarks and Pork-barrel Spending

In a rather strange juxtaposition of wording, a Washington insider once said that pork-barrel spending is a sacred cow among members of the United States Congress.
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Election 2010 – Some Postscripts!

Here we are in the wake of the midterm election of 2010, deemed one of the most important elections of recent years.
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Tuesday is Election Day…Your Vote is Vital!

The voter clock keeps ticking down toward next Tuesday, November 2nd...
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The Elevation of Donald Wuerl

We would like to add our congratulations to Archbishop Donald Wuerl on being designated by Pope Benedict XVI to join the College of Cardinals.
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Time for Political Term Limits!

A recently completed poll brought the focus once again on an issue which we have editorially advocated over the past few years…
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The Future of Mellon Arena…

With the christening of the new Consol Center, the hot button issue continues to be – what to do with the existing Mellon Arena known for years as the Civic Arena?
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The Challenge of Achieving…Pittsburgh Police Force Diversity!

Recently, 34 police officers were sworn into service in Pittsburgh and, despite efforts to diversify the force and have stronger emphasis on minority representation, among the recent recruits, only one officer is black…one is Asian…and five are women.
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Rivers Casino Gambling…Panacea…or Paranoia!

A few years ago, its proponents waged a vigorous campaign to have gambling legalized in Pennsylvania.
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The North Shore Connector Project…An Utter Waste of Your Tax Dollars!

Since its inception…from the time it was foisted on the public despite overwhelming opposition, we have campaigned vigorously and editorially multiple times against one of the ugliest local political boondoggles of our time –
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The Convention Center’s Future… A Pittsburgh Asset…or Liability?

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the David L. Lawrence Convention Center will post a $409,000 operating deficit by the end of 2010.
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The Mass Transit Mess!

People who are old enough remember when the old time movie comic Oliver Hardy used to say to his befuddled buddy Stan Laurel…”another fine mess you’ve gotten us into!”
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The Delay Poplawski Trial…Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

It's generally conceded that the justice system in the United States has much to commend it.
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The Pennsylvania State Budget…Digging a Deeper Deficit Hole!

One of the continuing sagas and fiascos in Harrisburg is the drawing up and approval of the state’s budget
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Overdue! It’s time for Reform in Harrisburg!

For the past 24 months, a Special Grand Jury composed of 23 members and 10 alternates has dedicated itself to investigating the state legislature and determining what can be done to revamp and reform it and improve its operations and procedures.
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Looking for a Raise…Get a Job with the City!

It is an established fact that the city of Pittsburgh has been coping with serious financial problems for several years.
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Audit of the North Shore Connector

One of the most controversial projects in Pittsburgh in the last few years is the so-called North Shore Connector;
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The Sestak Controversy

One of the most controversial political stories this year has its origins in Pennsylvania—and now has taken on national importance.
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Post Mortem – The Race for Pennsylvania Governor!

In our last editorial we devoted our attention to the race for the Senate and the victories of Joe Sestak and Pat Toomey in the state’s primaries
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Post Mortem – 2010 Primaries

The Primary Elections of May 2010 – national, state and local are now history…the voters have spoken…decisions have been made…and now we can gear up for the General Elections in November.
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The Primaries are Coming!

The next few weeks and months promise to be memorable on the political front.
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The Seeds of Spiritual Renewal!

These are among the most historical holy days in the Judeo and Christian communities.
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The Death of John Murtha and its Far-reaching Impact!

The death of Congressman John Murtha, one of the most influential figures in Washington, will have a tremendous impact on his 12th. District, the state of Pennsylvania, and our national government!
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The Future of the Mellon Arena!

One of the most controversial and compelling questions facing the city in the immediate future is what should happen to the Mellon Arena ...
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Kill the Death Tax!

Those of us who are taxpayers have accepted the fact that taxes are the price we pay to keep government running and to underwrite the necessary government programs.
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Some 2010 Hopes!!!

Here we are again…following an annual event…this time saying goodbye to 2009 and ushering in 2010…and as always, it’s a time to reflect on where we have been and where we are going now!
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The Tug of War over Christmas

In this politically correct society in which we live, there’s been a tug-of-war going on every year between secularists and traditionalists with the future of Christmas at stake.
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Politicians’ Ever-Present Search for New Taxes!

There are two observations about taxes that merit our attention. A prominent judge once said that taxes are the price we pay for civilization…which always bought the response, “can we afford to be any more civilized?”
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The National Malaise!

A story was circulating recently about the man who was asked the question: “What’s the most serous problem in this country – ignorance or apathy?”
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The Mayor’s 2010 Budget-Time to Trim the Hog Fat!

To paraphrase an old axiom – Mayor Ravenstahl proposes and the state overseer committee disposes.
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The Perils of Texting!

With all of the complaints and criticisms leveled at our state legislature, it should be pointed out that occasionally they get something right.
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Some Post-Election Postscripts!

Well, the 2009 Allegheny County Election is now history. With more than 900,000 registered voters eligible to cast ballots last week, less than 25% even bothered!
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The 2009 Election- Why Vote?

Tuesday, November 3rd is Election Day. It’s considered a so-called off-year election because there are no national or statewide legislative or executive office candidates on the ballot.
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The Plight of our Libraries!

The big question is – where did we go wrong? Where did we mishandle our priorities? It is a long-standing truism that our library system – free to all – has enriched the lives of virtually everyone who has grown up in Pittsburgh.
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It’s Time to Reduce the Size of Our State Legislature!

While our state legislators are congratulating themselves – celebrating 101 days it took to pass the state’s annual budget...
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Dumb-Dumb of the Month Award!

The City of Pittsburgh and its Public Works Department have earned the Dumb-Dumb of the Month Award.
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Post-Mortem – The G-20 Summit!

The internationally-famous G-20 Summit meeting here in Pittsburgh is now history and the city is returning to normal. In review, what were the pros and cons of the 2-day event?
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Time for the G-20 Summit Machinations Time for Pittsburghers to Stay Cool!

Well, the long time anticipated G-20 Summit meetings are at hand here. High level representatives of the world’s largest economies are in Pittsburgh for this week’s sessions.
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The Election of Pittsburgh’s Mayor…the Same Old Story…with a G-20 Twist!

November of this year brings with it the election of the Mayor of Pittsburgh. We anticipate no surprises. The Democrats with a 7 to 1 registration advantage over Republicans – will continue their grip on the mayor’s office – as they have done since 1928.
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Another G-20 Summit Update!

As the September 24th-25th G-20 Summit draws nearer, Pittsburgh is like the man who has one foot caught in the quicksand. As time moves on, the city is beginning to realize it might have gotten in deeper than it bargained for.
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Planning for the G-20 Summit!

The closer we get to the G-20 Summit meetings coming to Pittsburgh this month, the more worrisome it becomes. High-level representatives of the world’s largest economies will arrive in town for the September 24th-25th meetings to be held at the Convention Center.
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Remembering the Life of Ted Kennedy…

The Death of Senator Ted Kennedy, following shortly after the death of his sister – Eunice Kennedy Shriver – closed another chapter in the saga of one of the country’s legendary families.
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The G-20 Summit Meeting…Good…or Bad News for Pittsburgh?

The Closer we get to the G-20 Summit meeting coming to Pittsburgh next month, the more worrisome it becomes. High level representatives of the world’s largest economies will arrive in Pittsburgh for the September 24th/25th meetings to be held at the convention center.
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A Plea for Assault Weapon Gun Control!

Over the years, the majority population of Pittsburgh has been known as a stable, sometimes labeled as a somewhat dull, lackluster assembly of hard working citizens who hold family values, God and country, uppermost in their lifestyles.
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It’s Time for G-20 Summit Show-Prep!

Although we intend to provide comprehensive coverage on various aspects of the upcoming G-20 Summit Conference prior to the September 24-25th meetings – right now we are more concerned with the planning for the conference and how it will affect Pittsburgh itself.
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For Good or Ill…It’s Slots Time in the ‘Burgh!

It appears that August 9th will take its place among the most important days of the year for thousands of Pittsburghers, visitors to Pittsburgh, and people who are addicted to …or enjoy gambling.
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Looking for a Job…Head for Washington!

It should come as no surprise to all of us who live in the United States that we are navigating in uncharted, stormy financial waters where we have never been before.
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The Supreme Court Nomination of Sonia Sotomayor

One of the responsibilities of the President of the United States is to appoint judges to the federal courts.
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Power to Us Taxpayers! Let’s be Victors...Not Victims!

Over the years, one of the most popular comic strips has been “Peanuts” and one of the most memorable of the Peanuts strips has Charlie Brown trying to kick the football that his little friend Lucy is holding. Every time Charlie runs forward to kick the ball, at the last second Lucy pulls the ball back and Charlie takes a pratfall!
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Ed Rendell’s Proposed Income Tax Raise…Time to Raise Your Voices Instead!

It’s often been said that when politicians don’t know what else to do, they raise taxes…or as another old adage puts it-there’s never been a tax that politicians didn’t like. And, of course, we, the taxpayers, are always the victims – we always pay the price!
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The Penguin’s Stanley Cup Victory Confirms Pittsburgh as America’s City of Champions!

Well, it’s over, and thanks to a valiant effort by the Penguins – in one of the most dramatic and exciting hockey playoffs of all time, Pittsburgh has once again been imprimatured America’s City of Champions!
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The Cyril Wecht Saga!

Finally – I repeat finally – U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan has withdrawn criminal charges against Doctor Cyril Wecht, renowned pathologist and former Allegheny County coroner.
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The 2009 Pittsburgh Primary…A One-Party Town’s Dismal Turnout!

The Tuesday, May 19th Primary Election is now history…the voters have spoken…the pundits are pontificating…and what have we learned? Answer…not much that we didn’t already know!
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The Significance of Memorial Day!

Monday, May 25th marks the observance of one of our most revered holidays – Memorial Day.
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The Importance of Tuesday’s Primary Elections!

As a radio station that’s been committed formatically to All News for more than 30 years, it’s incumbent on us to remind you, our valued listeners, of the importance of voting in all of our elections.
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Specter…The Defector

The defection of Senator Arlen Specter from the Republican Party to the ranks of the Democrats may have been a minor bombshell in Washington, but it came as no surprise to anyone knowledgeable in political lore.
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A New Era for the New Children’s Hospital

This weekend brings a new landmark to Pittsburgh…a weekend that takes on special significance…a weekend that will give Pittsburgh and the whole region a reason to be especially proud!
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Time to Eliminate the Sale of Assault Weapons!

With the surge of mass killings and the arsenal of guns of all types being assembled by individuals, gangs, and anti-social groups across this country, there is a growing outcry for greater gun control.
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A Week of Faith and Belief The Celebrations of Passover and Easter

Holy Week is upon us and this year the tragic deaths of three of Pittsburgh’s finest...
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Selling Pittsburgh – The No-Glitz City!

When it comes to irony, nothing could be more ironic than what’s happening with the convention business in Pittsburgh.
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The A.I.G. Bailout Fiasco!

Seldom if ever in the history of this all-news radio station have we witnessed a greater public outcry than over the way the outrageous bonuses to A.I.G. executives was handled.
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Dan Rooney – Ambassador to Ireland!

For many years those of us who live in Pittsburgh, as well as sports fans across the country, have known that Dan Rooney is a man for all seasons – not just football seasons – but the seasons he has devoted himself – not only to the Steelers – but to a lifelong dedication to Ireland which has been an important part of his life.
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For Sale…The State Office Building…At a Bargain Basement Price!

A battle royal has been brewing in Harrisburg and the 52-year-old State Office Building in the Point State Park-Gateway Center area downtown is the focal point of the dispute.
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Pitt and CMU – Scammed by Scums?

In this country you’re innocent until proved guilty, but the cards seem stacked against the two money managers...
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Governor Rendell’s Belated…and Costly Enlightenment!

Well, miracle of miracles…Governor Ed Rendell has had a major revelation! He has confessed that the ill-advised North Shore Connector Project has been a tragic mistake.
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Governor Rendell’s Juggling Act!

You probably remember the book and the movie –“The Juggler of Notre Dame”. Well in Harrisburg we have Governor Ed Rendell – the juggler of the Pennsylvania budget!
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Super Steelers…Super Win…Super Bowl!

How ‘bout them Stillers! Last Sunday evening our beloved black ‘n gold pulled off one of their patented fourth quarter comebacks to defeat the Arizona Cardinals 27-23 in Super Bowl XLIII at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.
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Time to Reaffirm…Pittsburgh Is…The City of Champions!

Down through its illustrious history Pittsburgh has gained many distinctive honors – Industrial Capital of the World – Steel Capital of the World – American’s Most Livable City – America’s Friendliest City – But the name that Pittsburgh’s sports fans cherish most is – Pittsburgh – City of Champions!
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A New Chapter Being Written in Washington this Week!

There are many chapters in our lives, but the chapter that is being written this week in Washington is one that is now, and will continue to be very meaningful to all of us.
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The Miracle on the Hudson!

Back in 1947 there was a very successful motion picture called “The Miracle on 34th. Street.” This week, we have now witnessed another miracle – “The Miracle on the Hudson River”!
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Proposed Hike in Gasoline Tax!

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that politicians love taxes…they like to levy them…they like to collect them…and, most of all they like to spend them…not only for legitimate projects, but they love to spend them for their own pet projects as well!
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Some New Year’s Resolutions for Our Elected Politicians!

Well, here we all are on the first weekend of the year 2009, a time when most of us seek to focus optimistically on the future but are still haunted by the shadows of 2008 frustrations and disenchantments.
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