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Apple: Some nude shots taken from stars' accounts

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Apple said Tuesday that hackers obtained nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other female celebrities by pilfering images from individual accounts rather than through a broader attack on the company's services....

In light of celebrity hacks, how to protect data

NEW YORK (AP) -- The theft of nude photographs from celebrities' online accounts has thrown a spotlight on the security of cloud computing, a system used by a growing number of Americans to store personal information over the Internet....

Home Depot probes possible credit card data breach

NEW YORK (AP) -- Home Depot may be the latest retailer to suffer a major credit card data breach....

Netflix unveils new way to share recommendations

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Netflix is giving its Internet video subscribers a more discreet way to recommend movies and TV shows to their Facebook friends after realizing most people don't want to share their viewing habits with large audiences....

Alibaba IPO comes with unusual structure

BEIJING (AP) -- Foreigners who want to buy Alibaba Group shares in the Chinese e-commerce giant's U.S. public offering will need to get comfortable with an unusual business structure....

Court halts ridesharing service Uber in Germany

BERLIN (AP) -- A court has barred ridesharing service Uber from operating in Germany, the latest shot in the popular app's fight with taxi drivers worldwide....

Google's corporate products division changes name

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Google is hoping a new brand will help sell more of its services to other companies....

Top South America hackers rattle Peru's Cabinet

LIMA, Peru (AP) -- The Peruvian hackers have broken into military, police, and other sensitive government networks in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, defacing websites and extracting sensitive data to strut their programming prowess and make political points....

Cleveland welcomes growing field of server farms

CLEVELAND (AP) -- Northeast Ohio is hardly ready to usurp Silicon Valley as a high-tech mecca, but a growing number of data centers are choosing to locate in and around Cleveland to take advantage of cheap power, an abundance of fiber-optic cable and one of the safest environments in the country for storing digital information....

US court hears debate in NSA phone records case

NEW YORK (AP) -- A lawyer defending the government's bulk collection of millions of Americans' telephone records found himself facing tough questions Tuesday from appeals judges wanting to know whether the program will inevitably lead to, as one judge put it, the government's study of "every American's everything."...

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