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We missed "When Radio Was" last night. It's a delightful and relaxing way to end a day. Bloomberg Radio just stresses out at that hour. We hope you keep those old shows on the air. Thank you!
-Mark , Pittsburgh
Please get rid of the celebrity gossip and just stick with news. I dislike Paul's commentary about what goes on with Hollywood or local rich people. It makes the radio station appear like a cheap tabloid and makes the news seem false. If you want to improve brag more about little unknown Good Samaritan acts. That's what people need, not critical gossip.
-Donna, Pittsburgh
Do people call multiple times on your polls or is audience made up of primarily conservatives or do more conservatives call in on polls. It appears that polling slants right relative to polling done nationally and is not a true representation of the Pittsburgh Community.
-Ron , Penn Hills
I just want to say that I really enjoy the old time radio shows. I listen to them every night. Please keep them on.
-Gerry , Pittsburgh
I called the Opinion Poll today. Twice I gave my number of choice. The responding message was a different number. Have you rigged the poll?
-Rev. Edward M. Bryce, Pt. Breeze, Pgh.
I personally know people on disability that are able body just lazy. The government should start a hotline,you call in report these people get them kicked off disability. make them work.
-Phil , Mccandless
LOve old tyme radio get rid of those red eye radio.
-bill15217, sq hill
Faithful fans of When Radio Was and Imagination Theater. Please drop the One Saturday show on Saturday evenings, they are inane and not the least bit enjoyable. Would rather listen to static. Please return Imagination Theater, even reruns are better than that dreck. Thanks.
-Gary , Pittsburgh
How great it is that you have the "When Radio Was" program; at the perfect hours too. It takes me back to my childhood days. I tell as many others as I can to listen as well. The commercial products (music, stories, etc.) are also worth buying
-Gary D., Ross Twp.
KQV opinion poll question states 550 body cams at price of $1.5 million - how much is that per cam? Seems incorrect??
-julie, Pittsburgh
Your poll is stupid today. Anyone willing to vote on a poll as unimportant as this one, WILL vote for POTUS. Anyone not willing to vote for POTUS is not going to vote for something as unimportant as this one.
-Paul, Pittsburgh
When playing broadcasts online, sound went off, and file not found error came on. ---------- Thank you for listening. Unfortunately our DSL carrier has been experiencing random outages at their sub-station in the city. We have been assured that the outage has been rectified.
-Mark , Grove City
Hillary Clinton's NOT all at fault with regards Benghazi,...and the e-mail's,...if breached,...Plan(s) B, C, D, Etc., can be placed into effect. I'm a retired U.S. Army officer,...and I know secret plans can be compromised,...and the govt. needs to readjust, pronto!!! Remember, Barack's at the helm of ALL military matters!!!
-Rev. Pat Neary, Homestead, PA
I can' t get ur station at night, too much static. Just purchased a new radio, same result. Any suggestions? ---------- Unfortunately FCC regulations require KQV to abide by certain boundaries in regard to our signal at night. We do however stream our content at kqv.com and also you can obtain our free app that will give you access to our station.
-Howard Nolder, White Oak, pa.
Hello, I enjoy reading all of your article post. I like to write a little comment to support you.
-Williamjal, Bosnia and Herzegovina
I am an every-day listener to KQV. 1. When you advertise your "Ask the Governor"program, why must you include a quote from the governor. A spot ad becomes a free moment for Wolf's agenda.Not needed. 2. You regularly play an ad for a knee brace featuring a woman talking to her granddaughter. I recognize her voice, but can't pin down. Who is it? Is it Elaine Effort? (She does a very good job reporting.) 3. You periodically air an ad for a car-sourcing web site. The ad is a young woman essentially making fun of her parents who are concerned about her safety and making a good choice. Very dumb to do so. That's all for now, Bill Sproule PS - Keep "When Radio Was" coming.
-Bill , Pittsburgh - Squirrel Hill
what did you do with -when radio was- desperately need it back on the air!!!!!! don't give a flying pip about -Bloomberg report- or whatever!!!! thank you lee
-lee, stowe twp
What the Clinton campaign and National media doesn’t understand about Pennsylvania? We’re love our God and Country and do not see owning a gun as a sin. We love our football teams. Whether the Eagles or Steelers, both teams represent blue collar hard nose football. When NAFTA destroyed our mills, mines and manufacturing, determination and football kept us going through the recession. Every city, borough, farm community, town has great high school football support and is seen as a step to college. Just a few NFL Quarterbacks the national media and campaign might not know= Gannon, Marino, Kelly, Unitas, Blanda, Kelly, Namath, and four time Superbowl winner Montana, all from Pennsylvania. We believe a hand shake and honesty is critical to any deal. We do not like people claiming to be from the state their campaigning in for political reasons only. It’s a 24 hour news cycle and when a professional politician claims to be from Arkansas, New York, Illinois and Pennsylvania all as home it’s insulting! It goes right to the heart of being honest and their integrity! It’s completely visual to us. NAFTA left giant monuments of empty steel mills with empty smoke stacks, mines with closed signs, broken windows and overgrown vegetation in parking lots of manufacture buildings destroyed by NAFTA that Clinton signed into law. Our shipyards were once second to nobody now empty. TPP under your designated economic CZAR and your support for TPP will destroy what is left of Pennsylvania jobs. How do we compete against 17 countries with cheap labor, devalue currency and unfair trade practices? Blue collar sees it every day trying to feed our families and keep a roof over our heads. Bill Clinton is not seen as an economic genius here in Pennsylvania let alone an “Economic CZAR”. We speak like Pennsylvanians. Youns is You all. Soda is pop. Rubber bands are gum bands! It’s how we speak and no we are not ignorant people for our type of speech. We’re proud to be Pennsylvanians. We don’t like politicians using southern slang when running in primaries in the south and then try to use Pennsylvania slang. We see through people who are not authentic in words and actions. We love our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. We hold our Veterans as true heroes like our firemen and police officers. We don’t trust the DOJ, VA or any other government agency that doesn’t support our heroes. 20 veterans will commit suicide today waiting on VA health care. Pennsylvanians are hard core red, white, and blue Americans. In our towns, Afro-Americans work next to white, Hebrew next to Gentile. We respect religious difference in our state. The horse buggy in the road the political buses pass are Pennsylvania Dutch/Amish who taught us the greatest lesson in love after their children were “gunned down” in a wooden school house. They forgave a crazy man who killed their children. We work hard and pray harder. Pennsylvanians don’t like deceit or those refusing to be transparent. Transparency is NOT: Speeches to big banks paying $250,000 a speech and no transcripts for us to read. Benghazi, Emails, relationship to petafiles, Orgy Island, NAFTA, TPP, back door politics, or Super Pacs supported by foreigners and George Soros who still maintains his Hungarian citizenship, who just doubled his investment AGAINST the US stock market today. Clinton Foundation money trail deception to suppress voters and empower foreign governments and special interests and now under investigation for payoffs to silent women accusers. Pew research has identified Afro-American unemployment as twice that of any other group since 1954! Minority wages have dropped over 16% in the past 20 years. Wonder why Black lives matter is protesting Clinton presidential campaign? Michael Martino, CW4, US Army, Independent who voted twice for Obama and will now vote for Trump PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL PENNSYLVANIANS TO READ AND VOTE for JOBS and make AMERICA FIRST AGAIN
-mike , pittsburgh
==== 2016 ===
Please keep the old time radio going. Wish you would put more of it on, maybe starting it at 9 every night.
-Megan, Pittsburgh
I can no longer get KQV overnight at my home in Penn Hills which is high up on allegehny river ridge . Signal has always been good but since marrch its no longer there at all like your off the air in the evening whats going on
-nick ,
Dear PJ Maloney et al KQV should stop setting the phone vote question up for a conservative push pull type question. For example KQV should have todays, 3-17-16, question set up so that it reminds listeners that it is a constitutional duty of the Senate to hold hearings on the person named to be considered for SCOTUS. Otherwise it makes KQV look like it is part of the conservative bias in the media. Best regards CJ
-Charles , Robinson TWP
I love WHEN RADIO WAS. Also I am a fan of RED EYE RADIO SHOW.
-John, Elrama
I am so happy to live in Pittsburgh with KQV radio available. I recently was on a trip to LA and Phoenix. At night I like to listen to the "When Radio Was" show. I scanned up and down the radio dial and no such show was found in either city. I didn't sleep well those nights.
-Gary D., Pittsburgh, PA 15210
how can i get info on the show that followed Money Line today(1/31/16 noon)
-RJ Pgh
Re interview with BBB on P-G magazine charges. P-G subscribers pay in advance for their newspapers. So if money is deducted from their accounts for a mag they didn't want (and didn't subscribe to, they are being cheated.
-Phyllis , Pittsburgh, PA
Please ditch old time radio and talk programming from 7pm to 5am
I wish you would run old time radio with more horror and mystery and less comedy from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. Please drop the sports. I used to listen to CBS radio mystery theater during the late 70s and still love these kind of radio shows.
-dave, pgh
Enjoyed these radio shows. What year were they recorded? Love hearing these Xmas shows. Where is your Facebook page? First show listed here had commentary about the history of the songs. A Tradition of Christmas 1:30:00 AM - 2:00:00 AM Bells of Christmas 2:30:00 AM - 3:00:00 AM
-dave, pgh
Enjoyed these radio shows. What years were these shows recorded? Love hearing these Xmas shows. Where is your Facebook page? First show listed here had commentary about the history of the songs played and Xmas traditions.
-dave, pgh
Seems to me that there are too many spot announcements regarding "Ask the Governor" espousing his agenda, which interprets compromise as accepting his entire program.
-Richard , Pittsburgh
Guess we non-sports fans and lovers of "When Radio Was" will have to share some evening time with football, although we'd rather not. We do, however, appreciate that when the game is over, it's over, and your programming does shift back into the remainder of the "Radio" story.
-Gary D, Ross Twp
At one time elected officals were called "Public Servants." Today some of these servants give themselves large pay increases, bonuses, top of the line health and retirement benefits, as well as other perks. They even manage to do this without a union or a strike. Instead of serving the public some of these people are like the fox in the hen house. The only way the average person and stop these abuses is by voting. A well informed voter on the current events and history of the local, county, state, country, and world has his well informed vote zeroed out by the emotional/uninformed hand outs receving voter. These uninformed voters are bought (by my forced tax payments) with government funds against all commond knowledge of good financial investment gains for the public.
-Bruce, Mt. Lebanon
I am glad to make the switch to KQV in the morning. I am sick of a certain "soft rock" radio station using their morning segment "Timeline" as a means to showcase their ignorance and stupidity.
-Pam, Beaver, PA
When Radio Was and Imagination Theater are the highlights of my day. Thank you very much
Happy to hear the voice of Andrea Chaklos (sp?) back on the air. KQV needed a female voice and she is one of the best. -B.
-Bernice , Oakland
I would just like to say how much I enjoy the daily wrap at night. The daily wrap is informative.
-J., Cheswick
Welcome back, PJ. We missed you.
I was preparing to start my day and had KQV on my radio. I am VERY happy that I did! I enjoyed the replay of Benjamin Carson! What an inspiration he is! I am white, with NO children, HOWEVER, how wonderful it would be if the MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOLS would air his talk over the intercom! Thank you so much, please air it again sometime in the future.
-Patty, Hampton Twp
Years ago I had a complaint about KQV. I had (still do) my radio set to KQV and relied on it for my clock radio wake up call. There was a period of time when the station had a weak to no signal. The station did not come on one morning and I overslept. I called and complained. Imagine my surprise when I had a message on my answering machine from Bob Dickey himself about the problem.
-sally , about Bob Dickey
He quit because of the Pitt Family that wanted Sunseri to be the QB. The "kid" stinks , but he was forced to play him. And now , they are considering his Father to Coach!!! Unreal. Also he is closer to his family in Ariz.!
-Mike , Export,Pa
I really enjoy "When Radio Was," and am glad you carry it. I’m 27, so these shows are a real radio treat for my generation. Your station has a really rich history, and Pittsburgh is lucky to have you! Keep up the good work. D. Hooks
-Dustin , Morgantown, WV
I have KQV Radio on for at least sixteen hours a day Monday through Friday. Because of the Info-mercials on weekends, I only listen for about six hours a day. I especially like When Radio Was, in the late evening. Now that I have my comments out of the way, I do have a question concerning the firing of Joe Paterno, which is: Why didn't the Board of Trustees resign? Surely, they had to have prior knowledge of the allegations of sexual abuses against their former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. It looks like Coach Paterno is being made the fall-guy. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment on your station and to ask the question concerning Joe Paterno and the Board of Trustees. Sincerely, Rev. P.
-Rev. P., Etna
Thanks so much for having Beth Caldwell on Nan Cohen's show. She has so much to share that is useful for everyone wanting to be successful. It also gave me a reason to be introduced to Nan's show. Double delight
-Julie , McMurray, Pa
It was sad to hear the news report about the driver who crashed her car into a tree while texting and died. Now that texting while driving has been declared illegal in PA the tag line about "texting while driving" should be noted when applicable to any such accident news report. Distracted driving via texting is just as bad as driving under the influence. The cell phone records of a driver involved in any unexplained, suspicious accident should be checked and reported with that accident if texting was involved. Perhaps if we hear more about this devastating distraction we will become more aware of the danger to ourselves and others and steer clear of phone texting while driving.
-Gary , Pittsburgh 15210
I listened to the Doctor from Duquesne University earlier this morning give her opinion of the Saks Fifth Avenue closing downtown. I do disagree with what she said. I think there are two problems that no one in Pittsburgh has yet to address. The first one is parking. No one in their right mind would drive downtown to shop during the week because the parking is outrageously expensive. Even on the weekend, it isn't worth it when one can go to a suburban mall like Ross Park and park in a spacious lot that is free. Granted, suburban areas have the benefit of spacious lots, but downtown, who wants to pay our outrageous rates to then go and spend more money? Our rates are akin to NYC and NYC has a LOT more to offer than we do downtown. Perhaps free weekend or evening parking would do wonders for downtown? However, I believe the primary reason the store no longer has viable foot traffic is for the big white elephant sitting in the room that no one wants to address. Has anyone here walked down Smithfield Street lately? Has anyone walked around the area where Saks is located? Not during the lunchtime rush when it is loaded with business people but say, 7 PM, like you might after work if you were shopping? How about on a Saturday evening? The demographic has shifted to such a shady, crime-infested element that I cannot imagine anyone walking out of Saks Fifth Avenue with shopping bags and leisurely walking up the street to Macys. Let's get real. After all, not too long ago, this very station (and our local television stations) were airing story after story about the crime-riddled McDonalds on Smithfield Street where multitudes of drug deals were occurring and most recently, drug busts. I can't think of another Saks Fifth Avenue that is located in such a bad area. Ravenstahl's statement that high-end stores are facing a challenge in the economy is a cop-out. In fact, the luxury category has posted 10 consecutive months of sales increases compared with the year earlier, even as overall consumer spending on categories like furniture and electronics has been tepid. The fact of the matter is that the Mayor does not want to address the real issues that exist downtown. I guess with Saks leaving and Macys reducing its retail square footage downtown, we should just assume that downtown Pittsburgh will no longer be a mixed use environment but will continue to become a ghost of its former self and become just a forest of banks and office buildings.
-Matt, Pittsburgh, PA
What happened to the Notre Dame football broadcasts? We have a long-time family tradition of following the Fighting Irish Games on your station. DMcQ
-DANIEL , Brentwood Pa
Your opinion poll for today 9-7-11 is perfect example of were KQVs political bias stands,anti-union anti-Obama, by restating out of context and otherwise non-news worthy speech by a union labor leader just trying to get the voters to vote. I've heard the whole speech. And boy does the news article misrepresents the speech is an under statement. Shame on you KQV just another right wing propaganda machine. Fred
-Fred , Pittsburgh PA
I have trouble sleeping at night and enjoy the change in your nightime programing. I enjoy the extra hour. The When Radio Was program is soothing and interesting from an historic aspect. I love the new to me Red Eye Radio show. Thanks for providing a less right leaning talk show host who is interesting and intelligent. Thanks, Joyce
-Joyce , Allison Park, PA
Love When Radio Was. Thanks for extending the time frame.
-John, Mount Lebanon, 15228
Thanks for adding the extra hour after midnight to 'When Radio Was'. Some of us can't get to the earlier shows and even if we fall asleep the radio will be tuned to KQV in the morning.
-Gary , Pittsubrgh, 15210
-Tasha , Keaau
Bring back Bloomberg please. Very entertaining to hear how the rest of the world denotes the importantce of us bussiness moves and political. Not just another talk show please Id rather listen to all local for my 1hr 30 time
-Ken , Pittsburgh
I guess the new nighttime show is Red Eye--it is good thanks.
-Michele , Pittsburgh
I love that "Old Time Radio" now has a little more time. It is one of my favorites. I also like the new night time live--"I spy"...that may not be the correct name. I don't sleep well and with the new programing I will not change from KQV. I was ready to change from the Bloomberg report.
-Michele , Pittsburgh
What a pleasant surprise to have an additional hour of OTR. Thanks for eliminating Bloomberg.
-carolyn, McCandless
Just want to drop a line to let you folks know how much I enjoy all of the radio entertainment programs you provide. When Radio Was, and Imagination Theatre are my two favorites. I also appreciate the website as a source to find what's coming on any given evening. I also enjoy participating in the Opinion Poll, almost daily. Thank you for all you do!
-David , Pittsburgh, Southside
PJ Thank you & your staff for opening up dialogs on the importance of the International Affairs Budget. We are position to increase Pa jobs in developing markets. Pa has $34 Billion in trade around the world and supported 1.6 million jobs here in our regions...we can do more!
-Jim , Pittsburgh-Bloomfield
I just wonder How will the state replace the profit that the liquor stores turn into the state. This is a one time gain of money if they privatize so what happens later. Also I read that some states that recently privitized where sorry they did. I'm not sure the public has ALL the facts.
I’m enjoying WRW and Imagination Theater on the internet keep up the good work
I find it rather astounding how, based on the findings of your opinion poll results, most Americans don't recognize the jobs that have been saved as a result of a reorganized and profitable GM and Chrysler span far beyond the rewards for those family supporting jobs in the assembly plants. The number one user for glossy paper for instance, is in the use of auto advertisements. So you have the paper jobs, the graphic designers and the advertising agency. GM and Chrysler engineers, microchip engineers and those who work in the glass, steel and tire plants; most all of these are good family supporting occupations. The failure of the two auto makers may have resulted in the transplant, foreign assembly plants in the U.S. with higher sales volumes but the corporate profits go overseas. One must recognize that the drain on the state and federal safety nets in regard to unemployment and the ensuing dependency on public support would have been exacerbated if the hundreds of thousands of jobs associated with these two auto companies were lost. Come on people, there is nothing wrong with caring about your neighbor and your communities.
-Doug , Homestead, PA.
I was initially upset that When Radio Was was taken out of the midnight schedule -- I miss Chandu and Yours Truly Johnny Dollar the most. That said though, I find that I do enjoy listening the Bloomberg news during my hour long drive home from work just as much. The Bloomberg report with Linzie Janis offers the listener a different take of the world events and financial news since they are Europe based and not one of the normal US media outlets. My only complaint is your inability to program the commercials during the scheduled breaks. Nothing ruins listening to a news story than to have it cut off mid way through for yet another Service Magic commercial. Thank you.
-Steve, South Hills
Just want to say, that I really enjoy When Radio Was, and Imagination Theatre. I would like more of these two. Thanks, Dave 001
-David, Southside, Pittsburgh
I find that the Laura Ingram show is very negative and hurts the valuable positive reputation of KQV. 002
-Lemona , Pittsburgh, PA
I do not think that the Wilkinsburg firefighter should have to move in to the city & also think that is also a bad move .I think that Wilkinsburg Boro sold their firefighters out.
-Bob , Blawnox
At noon historical section I heard how Pittsburgh was named and that it is the only place in the US to have its name end in "gh". Shame on you for perpetuating this "fact" I have heard many times since moving here in 1970. I've always thought that it was a bit odd and even provincial for Pittsburgh to take such pride in this. Northern New York has the city of Plattsburgh which is familiar to not just New Yorkers, but folks from Vermont and Montreal areas.
-Margaret , Highland Park
Nobody listens to Bloomberg at night and every NCAA game is on the sports stations,,,,,,,please put back the old time radio shows
-Rudy, Beechview
I haven't heard Dave Reilly lately. Is he still there?
-Marilyn , Mt. Washington
I am an avid listener of your old-time radio programs. I enjoy them so much. Keep them coming.
-george, wexford, pa
I am 52 years old and I am addicted to your old time radio program ( When Radio Was ).I prefer it to television any day. We tend to forget how good our parents had it. Listened to KQV (the first radio station) since I was a kid. Thanks for everything and keep up the exceptional broadcasting.
-John , New Kensington PA
I wait with anticipation every night to listen to "When radio Was" and "Imagination Theater", and Classic Radio but get really disappointed and frustrated when they get preempted by local sportscasts e.g. Penn State Basketball, High school football, Monday Night Football etc. There are so many sports stations reporting professional and amateur sports and talk shows that they are redundant in their programming. I like KQV but would like it to maintain a non sports venue.
I enjoy hearing Pam on the radio. She is almost as good as her Dad!!
-Marilyn , Mt. Washington
Can the global finance show or at least start it at 1 AM and add one more hour to "When Radio Was" after midnight on weekdays.
-gart, South Hills, Pgh
Please consider moving Imagination Theater to an earlier hour. Their shows are the best in new radio drama but it is on too late for the family to enjoy. Leave the sports to ESPN.
-L. A. , Hampton
Keep those "When Radio Was" coming. Really enjoy them
-bill, pittsburgh
Just goes to show the NFL can't keep a GOOD team down. No flags throw for the Ravens helmet hits on Ben and Miller, Now if that was one of the Steelers you know a the flag would have been throw before the player hit the ground as we seen from the Buffalo game,the ref had his hand on the flag before Harrison even ran the play and the news commentator stated that. I guess the NFL has different rules when it comes to other teams. I watch other games and players hit just like the Steelers (maybe not as Hard ) No penalties nothing and the Rooney's need to start raising HEll If the NFL say they're going to change the rules it should a be the same for ALL TEAMS and it's not just the fans who see it the news commentators All notice the difference on penalties
-Rhonda, Pittsburgh
Regarding today's Opinion Poll, Sunday Dec. 5th.. I believe the NFL is unfairly targeting the most well-known and high profile players altogether when it comes to their crackdown on illegal hits, including the Steelers.
-Holly, Monroeville
Enjoy the Classic radio.
-Steve , Pgh
I’m avid fan of when radio was as well as imagination theater I have introduced my relatives in Indianapolis IN. as well as those in Chicago of course they have to use the internet these programs are the highlight of our evenings
-jim, pittsburgh
The North Shore connector was first proposed by Jim Roddy and Rick Santourm Was signed on by Tom Corbet which he won’t mention so this was not an Onarato's idea but the port authority if the Republicans had not started this all monies would have been lost. Thanks for the chance to sound off about this.
-Gary, McKeesport
I like the old time radio programs, but lately there seems to be football or some other program on. What is the current program schedule for old radio programs. Thanks ill be listening
That guy is right, I'm sure everyone who would lidten to OTR turns of the radio and goes to sleep when Bloomberg comes on
My whole family loves When radio Was and Imagination Theater. I am having trouble finding the schedule for imagination theater. Please continue to run the stories. We prefer them to the sports but understand that you have to have a variety of programing.Thanks again for the hours of entertainment that so many people appreciate even tho we forget to take time to tell you.
-Carol , Pgh Pa 1520
I really enjoy listening to when radio was. I wish you had episodes on after midnight during the week. I change the station when the business news comes on.
I've never read anywhere that your listiners like Bloomberg, why do you broadcast a TV show?
-Arthur, Shaler
On Monday, September 27, 2010 your poll asked, “In your opinion, does the steady string of inflammatory remarks by Mamoud Ahmadinejad only further the dislike of Muslims in the western world?” This question is inappropriate, because it inflames the stereotyped prejudices that Americans have against Muslims. A more appropriate question would be, “Do you equate a few crazy people like Ahmadinejad or the 9/11 bombers to the entire Muslim world?” There are 1.4 billion Muslims in this world, and most of them are just like us who want to raise their children in peace. Please stop playing into the race baiting and hatred. It feeds into the fears and ignorance of each side and divides the country, thereby creating a dangerous situation.
-Scott , Carnegie
We listen to the radio in the evening and really like the Laura Ingram show and the old time radio Classics. How about a Saturday night oldies show with the music that you played in the 50s,60s and 70s? I've been listing to KQV since 1960. Thanks you, Jeff
-Jeff, Shaler
I see that some of those providing feedback want you to morph into NPR or ABCNNBCBS. Please do not appease them!
I was disappointed with PJ Maloney's interview on the live line at 9:34 this morning with a representative of the Rendell Administration discussing the use of stimulus money in PA. Talking about signs with the man, and allowing him to make political statements was just so ridiculous I had to turn it off. PJ is a better journalist than he displayed this morning. Why wasn't he asked, "why does Governor Rendell want to raise the gas tax to fund mass transit in PA?" Why wasn't he asked, "in the 8 years that Rendell has been Governor he promised to eliminate property taxes, but has done nothing but raise other taxes to pay for his spending initiatives, why?" KQV is a better station than this. I listen to you because you ask the right and hard-hitting questions, you don't ask softball questions. This morning I was extremely disappointed with you and PJ Maloney.
-Bob , Harrison City, PA
i just wanted to say that i really enjoy listening to the classic radio shows i really love kqv period keep up the good work. sincerely jeff a loyal kqv fan.
-jeffrey , glenshaw pennsylvania
I enjoy the station a great deal. I sometimes catch the news while driving in the morning. And I am a great fan in the late evening of "When Radio Was", please continue to bring these broadcasts to us. Thank you
-David , Southside,.. Pittsburgh, PA
Why do you have this feedback if you never update it or respond to unhappy listiners???????
It seems like no one at your station ever reads these comments
When will your station read these comments and get rid of Bloomberg?
After reading feedback from other unhappy listeners, my only question is when can we expect the return of "Mystery Theater" and "When Radio Was?" This Bloomberg Global News is the worst!
-Carolyn , McCandless
Do you know what the antichrist is? In the Gospels, John is the only one who uses the term. The antichrist is an agent sent by the devil at the day of judgment to trick people from following Christ. Your question today is ridiculous and offensive. To say that in all history since the bible Obama is THE agent of the devil is ignorant. I'm amazed and revolted by your question of the day and the responses you received. Does Mr. Dickey know how you compromised your station's reputation? Please respond.
-Lewis , Oakland
I am outraged at your opinion poll question on the Harris Interactive Poll survey on President Obama and the antichrist. How disrespectful. I don't support the healthcare reform bill, but stooping to the level of a 'bottom feeder' comparing the President of The United States to a religious concept is outrageous and serves no useful purpose. Our politicians behavior in relation to the reform bill is disgusting enough. I am so sorry to see our news organization add to the problem. The Harris Poll is a legitimate 'news story'. Report it and let it go!! Who needs a poll on a poll .
-K , Monroeville
I realize the conservative viewpoint of your station, but to question in you listener poll whether Barack Obama is the antiChrist has gone too far. I see Mr. Dickey in the pulpit as a lector. May I remind him that Jesus, himself, alledgedly said "whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me." To provide healthcare to the needy is doing just that. As opposed to the previous administration, we now have a thinking, caring commander in chief. To suggest that he is the antiChrist foments the vitriol and devisiveness that currently prevails. It is irresponsible of you to exacerbate this disconnect among local citizenry. My radio has always been tuned to KQV. I think I now have to "move that dial." Good journalism is neutral journalism. Your station's far-right bias has become too much to take. Laura Ingram is pretty bad. Too bad youcouldn't have placed Rush in the Bruce Williams evening time slot. That would have put the icing on the uberconservative cake. I feel like I've lost a friend. I've listened to KQV since I was a teenager and the station was at the corner of "walk and don't walk."
I'm disappointed that "When Radio Was" isn't anymore! I don't mind the 30 minutes of Bloomberg (New York) in the morning, but the international coverage all night is of little interest. I think JimBo on the other station is pleased with your new lineup, however, because his listenership is surely growing. Please bring back the oldtime radio shows!
-George, McCandless
I'm sad to see that you have cut back the classic radio shows. But at least they're still on, I thank you for that. By the way, that financial news that's on all night is extremely boring. thank you.
Your new programming at midnight is terrible! Please bring back "When Radio Was" or Mystery Theater.
-Carolyn , McCandless Township
I really think that Bloomberg is a waste of time, please please bring back the old time radio
-Tony, Beechview
Terrible, that Global News (Bloomberg) program after midnight. Please bring back an hour or two of "When Radio Was" also after midnight. Glad that it's still available on the weekends.
-GaryD., 15210
Enjoy listening to Ms Ingram. Good upgrade form from Williams.
-David, McCandless
I am very disappointed with your new lineup. I have no desire to listen to the I am very disappointed with your new lineup. Who wants to listen to the Bloomberg report all night???? Bring back the old radio programs
-joan, pittsburgh
This Bloomberg from Tokyo is a joke, who in this market is up at night listening to that junk? NOBODY bring back the classic radio
I am sorry you chose to replaced some of the time devoted to the old time radio shows with that Bloomberg Report. Does it not get enough time in the morning.? Please bring back the old radio programs.
-Janet, Pittsburgh
What happened to Mystery Theatre with Christopher Lee? I can't believed you cut the classic radio by 2 hours! You had something so special and unique and replaced it with 5 hours of Asian financial news...really? This is truly a sad day.
-Jon G, Pittsburgh
I was wondering why you don’t have when radio was on the same times and days anymore??? I love to listen to the stories every night and now there’s some lady talking about news and other stuff. I loved how you had when radio was every night when it was time for bed. With it changed I can’t sleep
-george , millvale
You can get rid of that Bloomburg Report and bring back the old time radio shows. I turn off that noise at midnight
How disappointing that the Old Time Shows end at midnight now! What's up with 5 hours of the Bloomberg report? That's no way for listeners to sit/lie back and relax! Please bring back the "oldies" and Bruce Williams!
-Elizabeth, Ross Twp.
I enjoyed listening to the old radio dramas. Why did you take them off and replace them with Bloomberg reports, international news and travel information. I will miss Bruce Williams's show, he offered sound advice on finances and economics. Is there any chance that you can rebroadcast the Thom Hartmann program in the 8-10:00 time slot?
-Deborah, Hill District
Where is "When Radio Was" after 12 A.M.? That helped my mind quiet down and go to sleep after a very long busy day. I love those shows!! Except for my favorite "sorry wrong number" I found myself talking to the radio on that one..lol I don't really want to listen to market news and reports. The Bloomberg Report at 5:30 am is soon enough for that.
-Lisa, Hill District
I really enjoy listening to the old time radio shows. I'm not keen on the Bloomberg programming during the overnight hours. I sometimes suffer from a sleepless night and the old-time programming was a stress-free way to drift off to sleep again. Listening to market reports from overseas does NOT have the same effect!!!
-Mark in O'Hara, O'Hara Twp.
I enjoy most of the old radio programs There are some that I used to hear under the general program of The Golden Age of Radio that I have not heard on your station. I would enjoy more of the comedy programs. Please continue to carry classic radio. Thanks.
-Mary, Penn Hills
Tolling I-80 is another urban attempt to tax people that do NOT live in the area and cannot vote the rascals out of office. I grew up north of I-80 and those areas feel with proof that their taxes flow to the 2 biggest cities. Why should the tax payers else where pay for transportation in the 2 biggest cities, while they have no public transportation and pay full freight to get to work? Now the democratic urban political machines want to tax others while still getting tax money from others from the state and federal subsidies’ already in place. I had a discussion with a Alleghany County elected official one time and he indicated that the 50% that do not pay to ride now (firemen, cops, Pittsburgh school kids, and over 65) and if they did there would be enough money to run the system. Note, the compensation of the workers are among the highest in the country, yet in an area that is among the lowest cost of living in the country. Bruce (south hills)
-bruce, south hills
PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!!!! reconsider airing Laura Ingraham. She is nothing but a far-right harpy and her show really has no value unless you are a fan of hate-mongering. My young daughter and I listened nightly to Bruce Williams as the lead-in to "When Radio Was". We are very disappointed that the favorite part of our day and of your programing on week nights has been taken away. Why not look into airing more old-time radio shows Like E.G. Marshall's "Radio Mystery Theatre"? From the posts I see below I think you have a solid following for this type of programming other than just more of the same drivel that a person can see by turning on the T.V. or any of the other numerous talk radio stations. Dare to be different!!! Just say no to Laura Ingraham and give us back family entertainment!
-Jane , Pittsburgh
I really enjoy listening to "When Radio Was" every evening. But was disappointed last night (Sunday) when "Global News" was on instead of the stories (from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM. I hope that is not a permanent change in your format. Please continue the weekend time slot of 10:00 PM until 5:00 AM for "When Radio Was". Thank you
-Georgene , Pittsburgh, PA
We and our four young children love "When Radio Was"(we wish it was on the air earlier in the evening). We wake up with your news every morning, and have been lifelong listeners to Bruce Williams. We will greatly miss him as he retires. Though he was obviously a conservative, he always entertained opposing viewpoints and was able to have intelligent and reasonable discourse on political issues as well as a broad range of non-political topics. We are greatly disappointed that you are choosing to air Laura Ingraham. Now we can add your station to the long list of Pittsburgh radio stations where we can hear a constant barrage of political attacks against our government, our president and liberal viewpoints. We wish you would reconsider your choice and air a non-partisan, consumer advocate (like Clark Howard) who would appeal to a broader demographic instead of alienating listeners like us. You are replacing an entertaining, fair-minded conservative with a shrill, ranting, hate-filled harridan who despises Americans like us--hard-working, middle-class, church-going, blue-collar families who work hard to give their children hope and security for the future.
-joe and melinda, north side
I like old time radio.but greg bell has not had a new show in 4 years.can't you get something like the golden age of radio.so much better and don't play the same 30 shows over and over for the past 3 years
kqv programs from 8pm till midnite are the highlites of our evening the sacks family ,children,grandchildren and inlaws are faithful listeners.includes family in chicago also please continue
-hsacks &family, evans city pa
While I love most of your when radio was programming, I absolutely hate Lum and Abner, Easy Aces.
-Jim, Pittsburgh
Heard last night that Bruce Williams will be ending his show next week. I enjoy him. However, since he will no longer be available, I really would like to request that you air MORE old time classic radio shows. It would be especially nice if they started earlier than 10:00 pm (or 9:00 on the weekends). Those shows are GREAT!!
-Judy , Pittsburgh
We wanted to write and let you know that we are listening . Specifically, your evening programing with Greg Bell and the When Radio Was broadcasts. We are glad Christopher Lee is gone! Love LUM and Abner!
-Rob and Olga
Dear Sir, I really love your old time classic radio programs. I wish there were more of them on your station! I particularly like the Powder River stories. Any chance you could do it as a regular weekly series, starting with episode 1 and continuing on? Just a request. Thanks so much and keep the good radio classics coming!
As per your request I am letting you know that I enjoy "When Radio Was". Every night when I go to bed I put my radio on your station and listen to the shows as I drift of to sleep. What fun it is to listen to the stories my parents grew up listening to! Thanks keep up the good work.
Your questions are always so slanted toward your ultra conservative audience that whatever results you get are 'for your audience views onlyUSC,PA'..otherwise I find your channel balanced with news/information.
-Ann , USC,PA
I agree that When Radio Was should be on from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM every night. I so enjoy these programs. they brings back a lot of happy memories.Thank you very much for this fine programming.
-Janet , Pittsburgh, PA
I love your "when radio was" programs. The acting on these old classics is just great! Please keep them on the air.
-Jerry S, Bradford Park, Pa
How about having "When Radio Was" on from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM during the week as well as on the weekends.The old shows are some of the best radio around.
Look forward to "When Radio Was" each night. I wish you would consider dropping NFL broadcasts in the evening. Anybody interested in the NFL will be watching on TV. The radio theater presentations and old radio broadcasts are perfect for late evening listening!! Keep it up!!!!!
Please, please, please keep the old radio shows on. I just moved into a new apartment, was going to get cable TV, but don't want to now. I'd much rather listen your radio shows. Thanks!
-John R, Shadyside
i look forward to the oldtime radio classics they are the highlights of my day
I really enjoy your late night old radio shows and your other shows. I sleep with an earpiece and listen. It is so comforting. Thank you
-ruth , baldwin boro pittsburgh
Dear KQV, My brother and I absolutely LOVE your Old Radio Shows. Keep up the great programming ! Thank you. Louise S.
-Louise S., Pittsburgh, PA
What happened to the mystery series that was on? I'll take them over Lum and Abner any time
I work for a local Boro,and these long nights of plowing and salting are quite boring. Music is O.K.,but,The old radio shows sure help to pass the time. Thank You.
-Joe, Pittsburgh
I just LOVE the When Radio Was series. I no longer listen to KDKA at night. I particularly like the Powder River series. Great Western! Keep up the good work! Talk radio is so dismal anymore.
when radio was ,imagination theater are the high lights of our evenings I have checked around the country and found that pgh is lucky to have these programs. my whole family is now listening to these programs
-jake , pittsburgh pa
I recently visited my parents in the Burgh, for the Thanksgiveing holiday, and heard your classic old time radio programming, and was delighted! It is so refreshing to be able to hear a radio station from the Burgh online, so I don't feel so home-sick. Thanks for the great/wonderful programming we can enjoy, and for those of us who still have parents in the Burgh, we can feel closer to home!
-sandra , NYC
-jim, pittsburgh
Just want you to know that I listen to your old time radio broadcasts every night of the week, and I notice that I listen to your station more during the other hours as a result.
I just love the old time radio programs. I know others like the sports at night, but I will be happy when the oldies are on more often. Please don't ever take them away from us.
Just wanted to say that I love listening to the old time nightly radio shows.. Thanks for playing them!
-Ken, Pittsburgh
Just a quick note that as a young adult I grew up in Detroit listening to WJR News Radio and now that I have been living here in Pittsburgh for 21 years I keep you tuned in all the time and especially like your late night classic radio and the host!! Great job KQV, keep up all the good work!!
The "old-time" radio broadcasts bring back lots of memories. Please keep up the good work. Thanks, Ben
-Ben , Allison Park, PA
I love old radio! Please keep up Imagination theater, mystery theater, when radio was twilight zone and such. This is a unique service and I would really like to see it continued.
-jonathan , pgh
The old radio programs are outstanding! I especially like Dragnet, Johnny Dollar, Dimension X, Escape & The Shadow. I've bought many CDs from Radio Spirits for myself and as gifts. (They are perfect for the people who "have everything.") Keep up the great shows and cam I please have more sci-fi? :)
-Janine, Dormont
Yesterday's "interview" with Rick Santorum was only a platform for him to spew the usual Republican non-truths. "Public takeover of the health care system"....NEVER have I heard this uttered from the mouth of any credible Democrat (or Republican!). Why doesn't KQV call the interviewee on statements which are at the least debatable, if not outright untruths? (This goes for Dems as well as Republicans?) Is it the mission of KQV to only act as a sounding board, or to truly educate the public?
-Allen , New Kensington, PA
I absolutely love the classic radio programming KQV offers. These shows are a truly rare and exciting form of entertainment that can be found virtually nowhere else. Exciting, historic, and timeless-- the classic radio shows provide a special experience, even to a young man like myself. KQV is the absolute best source in Pittsburgh for news at day and entertainment at night! Thanks!
-Jon G, Pittsburgh
Thank you for the old time radio shows. My 45 year old son told me about them because he knows I am up late and these programs bring back so many memories. He also enjoys them. So you're reaching different age groups. I am an avid audio book fan so your programs fit me to a tee. Thanks so much for keeping me company when I can't fall asleep. Is there a schedule I can follow besides trying to find it here?
Radio Classics, keep them coming.
-TOM, PGH.,PA.15237
Thanks for the "Old Time Radio" stories,Mystery Theater,The Twilight Zone,and Imagination Theater. I listen almost every night and would like if you had them on longer each night. Please keep the old time radio stories and all the other going. I also like waking up to the morning news reports. Thanks
-Barb, Station Heights, Pittsburgh, PA
Any chance of extending "When radio was" from 10 pm to 5 am all the time? My family and friends just love the show and need more of it! Thank You
Thanks for 'Mystery Theater' and 'When Radio Was'. It keeps me tuned to KQV at night and in the morning whan I awake with the radio on.
Congratulations to KQV. You are my morning NEWSPAPER. I listen to your station every morning before starting out my day. I would say that KQV has the FINEST news . Way Beyond the call of duty for the news worthy person of Pittsburgh and the Surrounding Areas. I want the headlines world wide. You HAVE IT. I want the LOCAL News you have it. I want the WEATHER and SPORTS and STOCK MARKET you have. Also love your commentaries by your station director Mr. Dickey. All the newscasters are great. Once again KQV is my Morning NEWS PAPER. FINEST NEWS IN PITTSBURGH. None Better. thank you KQV. Ray
Thank you for the old time radio shows. I and others thoroughly enjoy listening to radio dramas and comedy
I just wanted to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoy Imagination Theater, Mystery Theater and When Radio Was programs!! I am a 44 year old male with a family and remember when I was young, putting my handheld transistor radio under my pillow and listening to EG Marshall and his creaking door opening into the wonderful world of CBS Radio Mystery Theater. I share this experience via your broadcast of the above programs with my wife and children often. Even my brother, who lives in Nashville, TN, listens to these old time radio broadcasts. Thanks again for broadcasting these great radio programs and turning a new generation on to "Radio Theater."
-Rick , Glenshaw, PA
My son has loved your old-time radio programs and newer suspense radio programs for years. He is now a ripe old age of 11 1/2. Could you please provide me with a schedule of when these programs are on the radio? Also I recall that one of the programs offered a subscription service to receive that week's programs on CD. Could you please provide me a phone number or link to that offer? Thank you
thanks for the old time radio shows. Do you think it would be possible to start this programing earlier in the evening. I wanted you to know I am listening.
KQV is loud and clear, via the Internet, in Malaysia Thanks
-Dave, Malaysia
First, I want to say that I love KQV, especially the old time radio shows. I think the City of Pittsburgh was wrong to accept having the Summit. There is no way Pittsburgh is going to be able to handle this and the expense is going to be overwhelming. I think once again, it is going to be another, let's use Pittsburgh and get out and leave nothing and give nothing back to us. Visit the McKeesport, Duquesne, and Mon Valley and Mon Yough Valley areas where I grew up, and they will tell you all about politicians who use and run. Speaking of which, why don't we take these world leaders there and show them the real Pittsburgh area and what liberal politics have done to an area that helped make and save America. Thank you for the chance to share my opinion.
-Nancy, Ross Township
Sirs, I like KQV but I believe someone there has been drinking the Kool Aid. Viz. the interview with Congressman Doyle. Instead of getting specifics of what this man supports on government takeover of health care you waste my time on the etiquette of dissent. Aside from the hypocrisy given your coverage of Bush-Hitler protesters, you blew a chance to inform his constituents what Doyle will support. Plus it is disingenuous to say there is no bill when Pelosi and Reid swear to pass it in the fall. Please, PJ, the next time you get a chance ask who is writing this bill if no one has read it or the cap and trade bill Doyle voted for!
-Ernest , elizabeth
Love the old time radio shows each evening especially the mysteries and comedies.
I have just found KQV, night-time stories...I Love..Love..Love them. Please keep playing them its so great to lay in bed and listen to them. I was raised listening to nite-time radio and the stories. What a wonderful way to end my day. Iam 64 and its just bring back so many great childhood memories...Thank-you
KQV, I thank you for the many enjoyable years of "When Radio Was"! It has lead me to purchase all episodes of "Phillip Marlowe, Dimension X, X Minus One, Box 13, and the others. Again, I thank-you and I hope that you keep them on for many years to come!
I like the old-time radio shows such as When Radio Was, Mystery Theater and Imagination Theater. I wish you would broadcast them more hours. I especially wish you would start them earlier, such as 8:00 pm instead of 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm.
-Judy , Pittsburgh
I think that with the new healthcare reform bill, our country is heading towards communism. If you read exactly what it says, the govt will have access to all of our financial and personal information. They can change prices for anything at anytime without explanation. They will review their own complaints and decide whether or not they approve or reject that complaint. And they will raise our taxes to pay for the healthcare of all illegals in the country. They will also decide how much money a doctor can make (no matter what their specialty). Unbelievable!!!!! I can't believe it is even being considered.
-Tammie, Pittsburgh
just a note to say i've just moved here and so enjoy the old time radio nightly; esp. when they run longer than 2am. really, really big part of the best part of my evening. thank you.
I would just like to say that I truly enjoy and look forward to every evening listening to your radio shows. The recent edition of Mystery Theatre has been great. Along with When Radio Was, it's great that the radio shows now extend to 2:00 AM every evening with it being longer on Saturday and Sunday evenings. I love the mystery shows the best and then the cowboy shows.
If big bonuses leads to better performance, what happened in the cases of GM or AIG. I think CMU study is in wrong.
-Ed , Mt Lebanon
Thank for the old time radio programs
I listened to Mr. Dickey’s commentary this afternoon. I totally agree with every thing he had to say. This has been on my mind for along time now and i certainly wish we could do something about all the corruption and size of our bloated legislature. Please keep me posted as to what if anything can be done to help solve the problem we have with our federal, state, and local greedy government officials. A very unhappy citizen
-myron , pittsburgh,pa.
Thank goodness for Anthony Morretti this a.m., I thought I was alone in my view. Everything he said is valid, and it is reprehensible that the media would even attempt to defend its position. In addition to overexposing the Michael Jackson story, the media has been disrespectful of public intellect, abusive of the Jackson family, and perverse in infringing on the boundaries of all decency, from a theological standpoint. In fact, in Judiasm, it is sinful to put the deceased on display, and in any way disturb their dignity, i.e. the recent controversy on the Carnegie Science Centers "Bodies" display. This is precisely what the media is doing. That said, I will offer that KQV has been much less offensive then most.
-Josh , pittsburgh
Mystery Radio Theatre I love to hear this on KQV radio on Monday nites when I go to pick up my wife. What time does this run? Is this on any other time? love the show, dave
-David, Brighton Heights
I truly love the stories on When Radio Was. I look forward to retiring and have already hooked several people onto these great broadcasts
Just wanted to thank you for bringing old time radio shows back to the air. It is a joy to once again listen to the shows that I heard when I was a kid. To hear "The Shadow, Johnny Dollar, Mysterious Traveler, Suspense, etc" is wonderful. I have many happy memories listening to your station. Thank you.
I really enjoy listening to "When Radio Was" and also Mystery Theatre. I also listen during the day to the news, weather, etc. thanks,
I really appreciate increasing the overnight old radio shows to 2 am. during the week. This is a great improvement over rehashing the same 15 minutes of old news all night. Yours is the just about the last AM station I can stand to listen to for any length of time. Even though your management has a conservative point of view, you do not ram it down my throat. Thank you.
before we raise the income tax we need to reduce the house down to 67 members that what needs to be your phone poll ?
If PA has such a severe budget shortfall, why is there no consideration of a smaller legislature? During the pay hike scandal a couple yrs. ago, it was mentioned PA has one of the largest legislatures of all the states. So why not make it cut the fat & shrink some?
-Guy , Indiana PA
I really enjoy those old-time radio shows! 'Lots of memories! Keep 'em coming!
-Jack, Pittsburgh
If Obama were president then instead of Reagan the U.S. would have bailed out the Soviet Union. nuff said
-Dave , Mount Pleasant, Pa
I love the When Radio Was series! I have deleted KDKA from all of my radio presets and I so enjoy listening to the old time radio series. Keep 'em coming! I love them!
Just wanted to thank you for the addition of Mystery Theatre. Really enjoy Old Time Radio Bill
-bill , Squirrel Hill
I’m enjoying Mystery Theater, Imagination Theater, Oldtime Radio Now my grand children enjoy these programs. I hope its a trend to more programming of this nature. Much better than TV. We are thinking of doing some advertising on these prog.
I'm back on working 11-7 night shift. Been back to listining to the old radio shows from the past. Love the shows. Must not of paid attention to them the first time around...or must not of been here.. Keep up the good work
Riding home from work the other night and came across your KQV Radio Station playing old time radio shows. This was GREAT . I would like to thank you for airing thing unique radio entertainment. I am hooked now. Went out and bought and old Radio Replica that our great grand parents listened to during the big band years and War Years. Please Please Please tell your station manager to keep and maintain your old time radio format. This is fascinating listening. Thank You.
-First Time Listener
Thank you KQV for hosting your old time radio shows. I really enjoy them. They are fabulous. First and foremost they depict the radio shows of the mind. By this I can use my imagination to portray the settings and characters. This sure beats television and the sound effects are just great. Your radio station is my constant source for world local news and weather and stock market reports along with the sports. Your editiorials are done in a special way that makes KDKA and all other stations take a back seat. Special thanks to P J Maloney for his accurate reporting. But may I contiune in asking you to KEEP old time RADIO on your station. This is something that is unique and really a treat for me and I believe a lot of listners. DO KEEP your old time RADIO FORMAT. This is something special. I will support all your sponsors who advertise on KQV for Old time Radio Drama and Suspense. Thanks Again.
I really enjoy When Radio Was. It brings back memories of doing homework and listening to the Shadow, The Whistler, Fibber McGee, and others. Keep the old radio shows coming!
I just wanted to write and express my appreciation for the Bruce Williams show. I listen most evenings and really enjoy the program's content. Thanks for making the show available in Pittsburgh
I, too, enjoy "Mystery Theater" and "When Radio Was," and truly appreciate the recently-expanded weeknight schedule.
-Joel, Squirrel Hill
My heartfelt sympathies to all of you at KQV on the loss of your friend and colleague, Erik Selby. I've loved every minute of the late night classic dramas on KQV for years. I appreciate Erik's role in putting them on the air.
-Deb , South Fayette
I enjoy the old radio shows each evening. Thanks for making them available.
-Jim, Pittsburgh
Thanks for the "old time" radio broadcasts. As a matter of fact run them all night every night. Thanks
-JOHN , Pittsburgh
just wanted to say that kqv is the perfect radio station.it keeps everyone informed and entertained.listening to old time radio is great because without it i would have never heard any of the historical shows from the many artists of radio that are no longer with us.it is also interesting to hear all of the old time commercials that are included in the shows. please keep "when radio was" on forever.
-george, pittsburgh
I love listening to your old time radio shows. Please continue to air them.
-Beth, Pittsburgh
Hi Everyone! Finally got around to dropping you fine folks a line to tell you how much I enjoy your old radio programs and Jim French's Imagination Theatre program on the weekends. I hope there are many more who appreciate them too, so as to keep them on the air. I also enjoy your news coverage during the day. Thanks again, Dave
Some Veterans and those who Honor their Service like to have Rifles like the Military has. There are Shooting contests with these weapons, Some Young Americans compete in various programs. Preparing some for Military Service. Further Laws only punish Law Abiding Citizens and do not stop Criminals
Why when there is an issue such as today's assalt weapons ban question, is the left leaning line always busy and the right leaning line always available even as you claim the right leaning answer has more calls? Either someone is messing with your phone lines from the outside or you do not have as robust a phone answering system for the left leaning answer. Either way, your results are being skewed by nefarious tactics and you sould report your "results" with such a caveat!
I've been enjoying the old time radio shows since we moved to Brighton Heights about 2 years ago. But I don't listen as much as I used to - because of the change of programming. I like the format of Mystery Theatre - full length shows without the one hour constaint, but I miss the variety. I enjoyed the comedy and variety of When Radio Was, and I don't usually stay up late enough to hear it in it's later time slot. Can you switch the two programs? Thanks
Very much enjoy the old time radio shows. That programming has resulted in your station being my favorite for listening to in the 10-12:00 time frame.
-gretchen , pittsburgh
Thanks for presenting the Old Time Radio Programs. I have been listening intently to your old time radio shows. Very Very nice job. Just goes to show you that KQV is way above all the other radio stations. First and Foremost you have the best news format. Now you air old time radio shows that cater to the educated mature audiences. I am a steady listner of KQV especially all the news items that stand head and shoulders above the other micky mouse radio stations. KQV is the Leader. Your old time Radio Shows have an impact on me espcially because I can use my mind to depict the settings the stage and the actors. Keep up the good work K Q V. I congratualte your station manager and staff for keeping Old Time Radio Shows Alive and Well in Pittsburgh. I am out there listening and will spread the word to my buddies who appreciate this class radio format. Thank you once again KQV.
I listen to old-time radio every night & support the sponsors.
Thank you so much for extending the radio shows 2 hrs each night. I listen 2-4 hrs almost every night. Sometimes I listen until 5 am on Fri, Sat AND Sun nights. I just love the old shows! I believe my oldest childhood memory is sitting 'Indian' style in front of our hugh radio. I was listening & sucking on a teaspoon of peanut butter! I was probably 3 or 4.
-J .
I would like to let you know how much I enjoy Old Time Radio shows. My big regret is that it does not start early enough.
I do enjoy the late night old time programs... Keep them coming....
Opinion Poll 3/8/2009. I am optimistic about the economy but not because of the President's economic policy. If the banking problem was fixed and people were encouraged to buy houses the economy would have improved faster. Excessive spending is not the answer.
Thanks for expanding the old radio show episodes. Nothing else compares to them.
Enjoing your pgogram when radio was. Keep up the programing. Love the way you reprt the news. Just the facts.
I have noticed you are playing less of "When Radio Was" throughout the week. Please do not play less, play more. You are the only station in town doing with this programming and I love every second you play. I will continue to support the advertisers if these shows continue.
I just want to say that I REALLY like the "When Radio Was" and always listen during the day and when the old programs are on at night. THANKS,
-Marilyn, Pittsburgh
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy listening to the "When Radio Was" segments on your station. Thank you for broadcasting them. In addition to bringing back fond memories of sitting around the radio and listening to it with my parents, the imagination and comedy provided is unparalleled and totally lacking in today's laugh track "entertainment" (sic) environment. Just as a commercial insert, to show my appreciation for your providing the entertainment, I make an effort to patronize the firms advertising on KQV. Lastly, if you happen to bump into my friend Bob Sprague, please remember me to him.
-Leo , Pittsburgh
Congratulations on your old time Radio shows. I really really enjoy all the old time radio drama and suspense programs that you feature. To me this is better than televisions any time . Reason why I enjoy the old time radio shows so so much is that you use your ImAgination. Kids today have all the t v programs handed to them on a platter like Sponge Bob Square Pants and the other nonsense out there. With your old time radio show you the listener make your own sets and the way characters look and sound. Once again I can not emphasize how much I enjoy each and every one of your Great Old Time Radio Shows. Promise me you will keep them airing. Your Station is the Only One who knows and respects the educated listeners. Great Job KQV.
-KQV Fan
Today's question about Senator Spector should ask if we think he should step down and let another Republican have a run at the job. He is finished and can only hurt the Republican party in PA!
Please re-air "Johnny Got His Gun."
I listen constantly. My first memory of KQV was at 12 years old. At that time you had music, but switched to talk. I loved it. I called WAMO after that evenng to ask a music request. I got through. They asked me what was your favorite radio station, I said KQV. They hung up.
-Ava , PITTSBURGH-Hill District
Hi, I've heard you say this on more than 1 occasion. Today you said it again about a football coach that was shot from a nearby town. ''He was taken to Jefferson Memorial Hospital....." The name of the hospital is Jefferson REGIONAL Medical Center -- JRMC. Jefferson MEMORIAL is the cemetery. Now, I understand some people that go to one, end up in the other, but they are 2 different businesses. Just looking at accuracy in media. I listen to you folks all the time and generally you are pretty accurate. Thanks.
-Bryan , West Mifflin
I thoroughly enjoy the old time radio shows and I like the fact that they run from 10pm to 2am, and am happy to see that old time radio shows are on from 10pm to 5am on Fridays, which I didn't realize until about one month ago. I have listened to the old time radio shows since January 2006 and thoroughly enjoy them. This is the first time that I have made any comments about the shows and wanted you to know how pleased I am. Thank you, Al.
- Al
Thanks so much for the "old time" radio shows, they're great! Sincerely, B.
I do indeed appreciate "Classic Radio" programming on KQV.
My compliments on mystery theatre;and the other classic radio programs.When i was a kid in the 70's;i enjoyed mystery theatre with e.g.marshall.radio is back! television [besides tcm] has become a bottomless sewer. Advertising these programs on tcm will target the right audience.thanks for bringing radio back.Christopher Lee was a perfect choice.
Really Enjoy your Old Radio Shows, although there is a little too much repeats. Like your morning news during the week. Love to hear PJ try to trip up is radio guests love to hear him stutter and stomp when they dont give him what he wants. But, still love KQV
like mystery theater much variety than in the past please continue. we would love even more prog like these
Thank you so much for increasing the old time radio shows. I often listen to 2-4 hours each night. There are SOOOOO many commercials on TV now that I watch very few shows. With radio I can listen & do other things too. I would really love an entire station of old radio shows so I could tune in any time of the day. My favorites are mysteries, dramas & Twilight Zones. Comedies are OK. Just not my preference. Thanks again. I'm out here listening - even at 2am!
I enjoy the "What Happened This Day". Sometimes the link is there and sometimes it isn't. I hope you will continue this segment. Diane
-Diane, Coraopolis, PA
Dear KQV....Have been listening to your old time radio shows for years. Really love your new format. I listen every night. I also have Sirius radio, but only listen to that during the day. I still am faithful to KQV at night. Thank you so much for such good programming.
-mary ann
I heard PJ's discussion of earmarks this weekend with several Representatives. I was disappointed. No mention of Murhta or PMA or any of the other ongoing scandals involving earmarks and campaign contributions. Hint: these are kickback schemes. So I am sending this link cause I like his stuff and know Mr Malone (I'm terrible with names) can do better. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/03/16/AR2009031601393_pf.html thank you and best wishes
our family is enjoying the expanded 'when radio was'programming please continue. the grandchildren are particular drawn to imagination theater.
-h &family
I just wanted to thank you for having the Bruce williams show in your line up i got to admit im a XM radio person and it seems that XM has cut him off at the knees and only braodcasting him for one hour im so sick and tired of listening to politial BS on the radio and its nice to hear a good ole talk show host that will talk about anything.......Please keep him on the air
Just wanted to let you know I enjoy programs like "When Radio Was" and "Imagination Theater" on a regular basis. I am 38 years old, maybe that's a typical, I have no idea. I've mentioned this to some friends and they seem surprised. I tune in just about every night at 10 PM. I hope there is support for this kind of programing in our region and it can continue. Thank you, Chris
Glad that olde time radio has been expanded into the two early morning hours. This is great stragedy. When the radio is turned on in the AM it is already set to KQV
Dear Friends, I just finished listening to a very moving speech by Rev. Curtis on your weekly program, Pittsburgh Profiles. Is there a way to get a copy of that program, either through podcast or in written form? Sincerely, Don
I like the old-time radio shows but only the comedies not the dramas.
I listen to the classic radio at 10 pm. most evenings, and I usually like it very much, but...I have to say the new program with Christopher Lee is a loser. He sounds so stuffy, with his put on accent, and second, I am glad you have ads to pay for it, but last night the ads were way too many. Some were repeated immediately after running. Combined with the Old time ads within the program, it's just too much. Why do they include those old ads, anyway. I won't be able to listen if this is a permanent format. I like Imagination Theater, and Jim French productions, but not this new one. Bette
-Bette , North Side
kudos on additional old radio shows..long time listener..since kqv was on the corner of walk and don't walk..sn
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy "When Radio Was". TV is boring any more and I have discovered these old-time radio shows and am thoroughly enjoying them. I especially enjoy the mysteries. Now I see you have added Mystery Theater. I have rediscovered KQV and I like what I hear. Keep it coming. Thank you.
Thank you for "When Radio Was" and for extending the time. It is wonderful to have such a good alternative to the vile right wing talk radio that pollutes the air waves! I will make an effort to support its sponsors whenever I can. The Twilight Zone is my favorite.
-Helen, Pittsburgh
Thank you Thank you Thank you for "When Radio Was"! I look forward to listening every time it is on!! I will support you and the advertiser's every chance I get! No other station is playing this and I thank you again. If you would not mind suggestions, could you have "Theme" days or time slots? EXAMPLE- [Hard Boiled Detective Days/Hours- Pat Novak for Hire, Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, Richard Diamond, Johnny Madero ETC] [Mystery and espionage- I was a Communist for the FBI, Mysterious Traveler, I love Mystery ETC]. Please keep the programming coming and I appreciate the extra times slots you added.
What a bunch of uncompassionate listeners you have, voting in support of PA's law that can try a 10 year-old as an adult. Case in point: the 11 year-old who is in prison for killing his father's pregnant fiance. Did the boy know the consequences of his actions? As an accomplished hunter, he was taught that the lives of innocent animals are inconsequential, so it isn't much of a stretch to see how an immature mind could project that value to a human as well. All who sanctioned this youth to handle guns, and kill with them, share the blame. Meanwhile, get him out of the adult prison and into a youth facility. How about a little compassion for a change?
-Geoffrey , North Side
I heard something about Old Time Radio shows bein extended into the 12-2AM hours. This is great. I looked on your website for something to this effect but found nothing. What's the scoop? Gary
-Gary , Pittsburgh
How are Philadelphia’s $100 trash cans different from Luke's $1,000 receptacles? Just the absence of a placard with the mayor's name? Impossible! There must be more about these cans than your typically ultra-conservative editorial reveals. Do tell us, Mr. Dickey. Please
-Geoffrey , North Side
Bias and politics in reporting is blatant in the media reporting on Ravenstahl's trash cans. One outlet one time noted that virtually all our recent, previous mayors have had their names attached to trash cans and clean-up campaigns. The same trash cans as the ones under scrutiny have been purchased in the past few years. What was the cost of them? Responsible reporting would indicate what the additional cost of adding graphics to a trash can is, and then what the cost of including the mayor's name in said graphics was. The media is involved in their own trashy campaign. The cost of the cans SEEMS high, but they are built "like a tank". And I have seen some that must have been hit by vehicles and are still semi-servicable. How would less expensive ones fair? I would appreciate someone doing their homework and then determine if the mayor should be disparaged for doing what his last 3 or 4 predecessors have done without any negative comments from the media. And I'm not even that big a fan of Ravenstahl. But this kind of opportunistic political attack is shameful. I look forward to your THOROUGH analysis and report. (But I'm not holding my breath!!)
-Richard , Marshall Shadeland
love your shows johnny dollar is one of my favorites
Hello, I'm a new listener to "When Radio Was" My friend Sam told me about this..and I love it! Thank you for airing these shows. I have a replica cathedral radio that will be tuned to KQV from now on. -Jason, North Hills
-Jason , North Hills
We loved that you included late nite fridays and early saturdays into the "When Radio Was" marathons. As far as we're concerned you could do it every evening of the week. Thanks
A family favorite--radio and website. Keep up the good work!
-Lisa , Baldwin Borough
What a stupid question. Talk about pandering to an uninformed public who don't understand and hates this project. Your own "More Info" explains why it would cost even more to shut this down than finish it. The question also implies that there has been some horrible mismanagement on the part of the Port Authority. Yet there is not a construction project in this country whose cost has not gone up in the last few years as a result of inflation in the construction industry. Maybe you should ask all those who voted to abandon the project whether or not they provided testimony at the public hearings objecting to its construction? And if so, are they the same idiots clamoring for extension of the light rail system, but complaining about the taxes needed to pay to build it? And then the want it to go to the airport and the North Hills. What do you want the Port Authority to do. Build it to the North Shore of the river and have riders swim the last 1/4 mile to downtown? You gotta get across that river somehow! For chrissakes, this project is a half billion dollar giveaway from the federal government that would have been spent elsewhere if Pittsburgh did not get it. What did it cost Allegheny County? A lousy $12 million dollars. Even if we gotta come up with a few million more, this is the bargin of the century. Honestly, the stupidity and ignorance of the public never fails to amaze me!
Enjoy the editorials and listening on-line. Due to laptop limits, I enjoy reading the news rather than video. Like it when an option is available.
-Julia , Los Alamos, NM
With all the years worth of old time radio shows, how can you seem to have so many replays of shows so close together?
-Kevin, Pittsburgh
Because of family medical emergencies this comment is extremely late. THANK YOU for your editorial on using "Merry Christmas". As a silent majority we do need to speak up. I will for next CHRISTMAS by contacting some companies with praise and some with "GET REAL".
Todays Opinion Poll is significant in that they indicate 43% of the people that responded don't know or don't care about two specific articles in the Constitution. Might be grounds for your editorials in future.
About your opinion poll today those serving in the armed forces as a whole should have been chosen as "person of the year" for what they do for this country every day
just wanted too thank you for the radio show classics (if late night)it provides a very pleasant way too end the day
I love When Radio Was, but a Tom Mix story was played in part last week and to my dismay, not concluded. Please don't keep me on edge like this, I've waited all week for naught. Thanks for the shows!
-Clarence , Shadyside
Just want to thank KQV for carrying Bruce Williams. I listen as often as my work schedule will allow. Thank you so much. (Nothing worth listening to on the "Big K".) The big K might be the oldest station, but KQV is the BEST. Keep up the good work.
Just found out about your Old Time Radio broadcasts. Love them. Thanks!! Listening online from Wisconsin.
-Dan & Sue, Wisconsin
John McCain is not 4 more years of Bush but 200+ years of continuing our Constitution. Reiterate - our constitution. Major changes to that need to be discussed and decisions made by the populace and not a single person or the three musketeers
I heard the commentary this AM on Judge Melvin. I am outraged! If this doesn’t tell us what is wrong with our GOVERNMENT, local and federal, I don't know what will!!!!!!!!!!
-Roslyn , Pittsburgh,PA
Today's poll states "Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin was interview twice, last Thursday and Friday, by ABC News Anchor Charles Gibson. Their question and answer session covered her personal qualification to be VP, and subsequent issues dealing with foreign and domestic affairs." But the question should have been "From what you may have heard, seen or read about these interview broadcasts, do you think ABC News Anchor Charles Gibson displayed a condescending and disrespectful attitude throughout the interview?"
Like the old-time radio shows a lot. Not happy with the football pre-empt on Friday evenings. Perhaps at least one hour of old shows could be played from the 12 - 1 AM hour.
-Gary, Pgh, 15237
Keep those Old Time Radio shows coming! We love them! Late night talk radio in Pittsburg is officially "dead". I just love those old radio shows and listen to them all the time now. Thanks so much!
Please stop the "Friday High School Football Rap-Up Garbage Talk"! I enjoy "When Radio Was" each evening and, yes, throughout the night on Saturdays and Sundays
-Lou , 15201
I Cant get enough of "when radio was" Please include more of it in your programing. It is unique and special. There is to much political talk radio out there. Radio dramas are a breath of fresh air. More please!
-josiah, polish hill
I really ENJOYED the interview with Councilman Peduto about the film being made about the Allegheny Observatory. I learned all kinds of things I didn't know. Please do MORE in-depth interviews. They add much interest to an otherwise boring over and over news cycle.
-Pat , Rosslyn Farms
A search option would make your nicely updated web site even better...
-Jim , Pittsburgh, PA
Is there any charge to listen to KQV on the internet? I saw the toolbar but hesitate to download if there are any charges. thank you Answer: No you can listen all you want it's free.
With regard to the Don Barden casino financing fiasco, I am intrigued by the fact that there was no mention of a surety bond, that would have guaranteed funds for finishing the project if Barden fizzled. Why wasn't this ever mentioned? Surely he would have had to have one, when bidding on a government project. Or is this a requirement only for the contractors doing the work, and not for the promoter?
I just want to tell you how much I enjoy "When Radio Was" each evening and, yes, throughout the night on Saturdays and Sundays. I'm old enough to remember hearing some of these shows when they were first broadcast and it's wonderful to hear them again. Keep them coming!
I love "When Radio Was"!! I've been listening to it when it was just an hour long and now I love the fact that is on much longer. I am 40 years old and live in the city. I listen to every single night when I go to bed. Best Regards
Mr. Dickey, The Pittsburgh Casino. Legitimate bidders on the casino project are being scammed. The Chicago billionair who is getting the gaming license donated $200,000 to Rendell's campaign and another $100,000 to the PA democratic party. Now by default, he gets the license. Where is the outrage? I didn't know these licenses were for sale and now I wonder what else is for sale by the State. Are pockets being lined? If not it certainly appears to be inappropriate.
-Dr. A.
A couple of things I wanted to pass along to you. One is that I have KQV set as my homepage and every once in a while, I think that I'd like to change it to one of the local or national newspapers, try them out, always come back to yours. Another is that I listen to you quite frequently during the day to catch up on current news and I love your "When Radio Was" programs you air, I listen as much as I can when I'm awake when it's on. Lastly, I needed a new screen door and window replaced, didn't know who to call. I heard Metropolitan Windows doing their 1/2 hour program one evening, liked the way they talked etc., called them and bought from them, their salesman was very good and not pushy and I was very impressed with their installers. Same thing when I needed to have my electronic air cleaner replaced. ( I haven't been happy with the Htg./A/C people I've been using, I heard Restano's program one evening, called them and had them put in a new air cleaner. I was also very hap! py with their salesman and installer. I just thought I'd pass that along to you, you guys do a good job all the way around. Keep up the good work!
I just love your "When radio was" radio movies. I have stopped listening to KDKA since they have gone "wierd" and found you while turning the dial one evening. Keep up the good work, and the broadcasts. I love the old time radio shows!!!
Pittsburgh Global Press Conference World Affairs Council - 4:30-5:00 today, July 19 (Saturday). It was mentioned that the "expert" discussing energy recently addressed our School Teachers. God help us! This guy never mentioned that for the last 35 years we have restricted drilling for Oil. In 1973, a year the "expert" used as a reference point, our domestic production was about nine million barrels a day and our consumption was about 12 million barrels a day. Since '73 we've seen nothing but restrictions on drilling. As a result, latest stats (2005) show that domestic production has fallen to about seven million barrels of Oil a day while domestic consumption has grown to 21 million barrels a day. HEADLINE for the "expert:" rising consumption and falling production equals a BIG problem. DOMESTIC REMEDY - DRILL NOW AND START TO CATCH SUPPLY UP WITH OUR GROWING DEMAND.
-Dan , Pittsburgh, PA (Churchill)
Please carry all three hours of the Bruce Williams show all week long. I listen on the internet directly from his radio feed, but will happily switch over to KQV when you carry the show in its entirety. His new format is exceptional and the show is unlike any others I have found.
-Steve, Gibsonia
I'm a faithful listener. I really enjoy the "Old Time Radio" and Sunday night theater productions. Keep it up.
Thanks so much for Radio That Was....It's a wonderful oasis in AM radio.....also appreciate Bruce Williams.
-Betty, Penn Hills
I've been enjoying your reports here in San Francisco. As a former Pittsburgher, it is nice to stay in touch with the old home town by listening to your station. Thanks.
Thanks for keeping Bruce Williams on your station.
Thank you for keeping Bruce Williams! Great program.
-Richard, Bethel Park
I absolutely love the old time radio shows each evening! Looking forward to the new Twilight Zone Radio shows. Its getting hard to get a clear signal though. Happens every summer. Bummer. Thanks, Deb
-Deb , Bridgeville, PA
Corporate Banners question: I am not a city resident, however with numerous out of town individuals coming to our town as a result of the SC finals, would it not be nice to project the city as an enthusiastic, vibrant city supporting its sports teams. Instead we must act like we still live in the 1960's. And we wonder why our young people are moving away. Please bring the signs to the airport cooridor.
I truly enjoy listening to the "When Radio Was" programs and "The Twilight Zone" series on KQV. My hobby is restoring big old Zenith and Philco console radios from the 30's and 40's that I find at yard sales and flea markets. Turn the lights off and and fire up one of these old superhetrodyne radios, with their big lighted dials, and it's like going back in time. Close your eyes and use your imagination to picture the scene. It's fantastic! Even my teenage kids and wife enjoy sharing the experience. Now that really is something! Thank you and keep up the good work, Gary Giel
-Gary , Glenshaw
I want to commend Robert W Dickey for his fine editorial on Memorial Day. Thank You for your kind words on all Veterans. I am a Viet Nam Veteran and you did a fine job on expressing your views on all Veterans. You know Mr. Dickey every day we hear and read so much on politics and world situations including crime and current events but we often forget how lucky we are to be living in the Land of the Free. If it were not for our veterans all the great happenings in life would not be there. Once again Mr. Dickey I salute you for your Great Radio Editorial Saluting all Veterans. Once Again I Salute You. Thank You Sir.
-KQV Listener, White Oak Pennsylvania
How many people, especially those in the East End of the city, are happy to hear that the Marathon is coming back? I live on the border of Bloomfield and Shadyside. We are held "captive" in our homes for 6- 8 hours on Marathon Sunday. Getting to church is an experience. Why not take the runners out to North or South Park and let them run around a course out there.
I just want to tell you how much I enjoy the Old Time Radio Shows. I just discovered them recently when KDKA changed their talk shows at night. My dial is now set to KQV. I don't sleep very well at night so am really enjoying the programs. Thank you for giving the listeners something that is enjoyable.
-Doris , Baldwin
Your editorial on Mary Conturo is unfair. She is a bureaucrat - always been a bureaucrat and always answers to a higher authority. You say she never informed her board - have you ever met those board members? Do you believe them? I'd look higher than the board - how about the Chief Executive's Office in the County Office Building. Nothing gets by without his signature. She's just a figure-head. Calling for her to stepdown is not the right call - point it where it should be pointed. Nothing in Allegheny County gets by without the Chief Execs approval. Dick
-Dick , Pittsburgh, PA
I don't hear much coverage about this issue. http://www.thecuttingedgenews.com/index.php?article=473
-Jim , Pittsburgh
I listen to KQV every night for the old-time radio shows. I am a child of the TV generation (born in 1980) and never knew how entertaining and imaginative radio shows were. Please don't ever drop that program!
-Justin , Springdale, PA
-Bill , Castle Shannon,Pa
Enough with the North Shore project already! As can be seen, even the tree roots are giving the message to stop! What is the price of that particular problem? This whole project was ill-conceived from the beginning. Who IS reaping the financial rewards on this? Perhaps that is where the money should come from!
I agree completely with Bob Dickey's editorial! He his so right!!
I like very much your old time "When Radio Was" shows. I listen to the radio as I fall asleep at night and it's still tuned to your station for the morning news broadcasts when I wake up. Thanks, Gary
I just love the old time radio programs. I don't sleep most of the night and these programs are wonderful. Keep them coming!!!!
-Katherine , Forest Hills, PA
The Title all news/all the time is misleading, because fans don't know that 1410 also has radio shows from the past. We lucked on to this when my mother was stuck in bed with the flu and she started to listen to the radio and came across the old shows. You would think she won the lotto as she was so happy to once again hear shows from her childhood. Thanks for having your station air the radio shows, and I think you would get more listeners if you let people know they are on.
I really like "When Radio Was" and I like hearing Mike Pintek on along with P.J. Maloney. P.J. Maloney makes the station cause he is really a good radio speaker! I am a former KDKA listener but since they let Gary Dickson go, I am turned off on KDKA and I listen to KQV all day and off and on in the evening. I especially like, in the morning, when the time is given and the date! THANKS, Marilyn
-Marilyn, Mt. Washington
Last Sunday March 16th, the OPINION POLL question was something about Easter meaning more to a person today or less important. Can you please tell me the correct question and what the results were? Thank you for providing the Mormon Choir. I enjoy it on my way to church. What a way to get prepared for the worship service! Reply: Look in the Opinion Poll Archives on the website. You will find all the results of past Opinion Polls .
I enjoy When Radio Was and Imagination Theater. I wish you had more episodes. Also, you used to start these kinds of shows earlier in the evening, but then you moved them to 9:00 and 10:00 pm starting times. I wish you could start them earlier.
I love your old time radio shows and listen online whenever I can. KQV's old time radio shows are a refreshing break from what's being broadcast on all the other radio stations. I commend you for presenting such fine entertainment.
-Norm, Dickenson County, VA
Time Announcements on the First Day of Daylight Savings Time - Your morning news man announces: The time is "27 MINUTES AFTER THE HOUR". Dah-- After the hour of WHAT. That's like saying the current football score is 16 to 24. The more appropriate time announcement is, for example, "27 minutes after 9" or simply 9 27, both of which are shorter than "27 minutes after the hour". ..after the hour (of blank) should always be avoided, especially on the day when EST changes to DST. Thanks, Gabe
-Gabe , 15210
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy "When Radio Was" and the other old time radio programs. I listened to the CBS Radio Mystery Theater as a child in the 70's and loved it. Glad to hear these programs again. I have told my mom and some friends - particularly those with senior citizen parents - about the old radio shows. They enjoy listening and the shows back good memories for them. As for me, I am ready to go out and buy a new Nash 600!
-Janine W, Dormont
I want to thank KQV for When radio was, what a fantastic series. I am 43 yrs old and listining to the old shows from the 30 - 50s is like goin back in time. No vaulgar language or what I call "stupid talk". My sister died a few years back of cancer. She would listen to the "When radio as " at night because she couldn't sleep. She just wished it was on all night like it is on sundays. Thanx again for great programing in general.
I Really love the "When Radio Was" on the weekends and I also enjoy Bruce Williams' show.
Thank your sports anchor, today he gave the NASCAR results.
-ed, kennedy
Enjoy the When Radio Was show! Thanks
Tell your sports man that western Pa has one of the largest core of NASCAR fans in the US. Please give us the results of the sunday races.
-ed, kennedy
I called the station today (2/21) with a question on programming. Initially, I was looking for your schedule online but when I couldn't find it, I called. The woman who answered had no idea what the programs are or had any knowledge of a schedule, and had no interest in finding one. Why is it so difficult to find out when Bruce Williams or radio theater or local advice shows are on? I understand the station is obligated to broadcast certain sports programs and that can supercede local programming. It's absurd that a general schedule is not available - especially to your staff. I hope you can offer better service to your listeners in the future. Carrie
-Carrie, Pgh
does anyone remember a children's radio program on saturday mornings broadcast in pittsburg area, but i believe it was hdqr in cicinnati, ohio in late 1940's called;;'' NO SCHOOL TODAY''???? i would appreciate e-mail reply with any info/recollections. thank you
-david , bradenton, fla
Please give Ray Goss our best wishes on his 40th anniversary as the Duquesne play by play announcer. We broke him in on the board at WDAD in Indiana the night before he started his first job. Best wishes Ray!!! Joni and Cliff Cox
-Clifford and Joni , Edinboro, Pa
i have been a tax payer for about 50 some years and never received a rebate. now retired you want too deny me a rebate,that is terrible. dissafied kqv listner
-elmer, shaler
Long time listener, and generally enjoy all of the various programs. Last six months or so, I've noticed many more commercials on at all times - but especially during the morning and evening commute times it seems... I understand your economics, but please don't drown us in so many solicitations!
-George, Jefferson Hills
I love your old time radio shows but there are far to many repeats!!!!! Please try and do a better job of choosing different shows!
-Loni, Pittsburgh
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the old time radio shows and the Twilight Zone for the radio shows. I have been listening for years, but only recently got online (new laptop for Christmas). The marathons over the weekends are great, I just slide a speaker under my pillow and I am in heaven. Please keep the stories on. I tell everyone I know about them.
-Betsy , pittsburgh northside
I enjoy listening on line! Could you please send me any station publicity items that you have? Thanks:
Ok, so now I'm happy, congrads on your new news page...Gar
gov. rendell endorses hillary I will try to write this without laughing poor hillary our gov. has done nothing but raise taxes. were is the property rebate hes been promising for the last 5 years.
-sam, north hills
I just wanted to let you know that I listen to 'When radio was' almost every night. I think that its one of the few really good things on the radio these days. It would be great if you dedicated more air time to the show. thanks,
I think you should keep better track of the old time radio shows, sometimes I hear the same shows 2 times in a week!!!!! there are fifty years of radio programs, we don't need to hear repeats!
-John, Cincinnati
Could I Please Have a Schedule and a line-up for Imagination Theater. We love KQV. Len
-Leonard , Squirrel Hill Pittsburgh Pa 15217
Thanks for going back to the local news at 5:30. You made my day!
If I hear one more tribute to Harris or Bradshaw I am going to scream. Enough is enough. This has been going on for over a month. No more football,please.also how about a little more power. I have trouble hearing your station at seven in the morning at the airport.
-ed , kennedy
I would like to receive some information on a dj that you had a long time ago around 1961. His name is Dick Blanchard. Thank you, Donna
-Donna, N. Huntingdon, Pa.
I was so very pleased to have your regular programming on this morning at 5:30AM. I wake up and go to bed with KQV every day(enjoy the "Way Radio Was" programs at night). I love waking up with your news and sports each morning and not the Wall St.Journal Report. I was afraid you had changed your format and I was going to have to go to "the other K" for morning news. Thanks for being back where I need you and I hope it stays this way!
I was so pleased this am to hear the familiar voices of PJ Maloney and Eric Hagman. Thanks for bringing them back!
-marianne, verona
I totally agree with Shaun, Nora and Mariana's comments. I also commute at 5:30am and rely on KQV for news, traffic and weather. Please return to the old format!!
-marianne, verona
I always tune to KQV during weekday mornings from 5:15 to 6:15 to obtain local news, weather, traffic, etc. Now you are airing the Bloomberg broadcast and I certainly hope this is not a permanent decision. I think most listeners prefer to hear the latest local news and conditions.
-Mary Ellen, Pittsburgh, PA
I am writing to express my disappointment in what appears to be a change in your morning programming. My normal routine has the alarm clock go off at 5:40 a.m., and I immediately turn on KQV radio. In the next 20 minutes I could hear sports (my favorite segment), traffic and weather forecast, and news headlines. I was out of town over the holidays, so I don't know when this happened, but imagine my surprise when I turned on the radio this morning and heard the Bloomberg business reports instead of Eric Hagman talking about sports. What a disappointing way to start the New Year! I did hear the regular broadcast begin a few minutes before 6:00, so I was at least able to hear the traffic and weather reports. Is this a permanent change? If so, I will be looking for a new station to listen to while I get ready for work. Sincerely, Marilyn
Please tell me the extension of the Bloomberg broadcast until 6 AM is not a permanent decision. I rely on KQV for my local news on my morning commute, traffic and weather between 5:30 and 6 AM.
-Shaun , Larimer, PA
Have you changed your format? It is 5:50AM and I am listening to the Bloomberg report. What happened to local news starting at 5:30AM? I miss the local news, traffic/weather and also sports. I hope this is temporary.
My wife and I listen to KQV almost everytime we're in the car. And that seems to be a regular location for us since retirement. As a Duquesne grad, I greatly appreciate the broadcasts of the Dukes' games all these years. I live and die with Ray Goss. And finally, a special THANK YOU for taking me back to my radio days. I grew up in the late 40's and early 50's (before tv) and spent many enjoyable hours "returning to those thrilling days of yesteryear". KQV...what a great part of Pittsburgh ................
-Joseph , Sheriden
Hi, I have severl things in no particular order. First, thank you for improving the usability and accessibility of your web site. It is now very much easier to read for me than it used to be. I am a person who is blind and use a piece of software called a "screen reader." I haven't seen the whole thing yet, but I like what I see. I am looking for a schedule of your shows but have not found it yet. Particularly, I am looking for contact information for the people who have the "Safe Money" show. Would you please put alternate text on the image at the top of the pages of the site that indicate that we should click to linten? "Listen now" would be just fine. It doesn't have to say click to listen because screen reading software always indicates that the user encounters a link. You have a lot more content on the site. That's great. Thanks. Jim
-Jim , Pittsburgh
I enjoy the old time radio programs. keep them coming. THANKS
-bob, charleroi,pa
We both enjoy listening to the "When Radio Was" programming, especially on Saturday and Sunday nights when it continues after midnight. We like all of the shows: the newer "Twilight Zone"and "Powder River", and all of the older ones from the 1930's and 1940's. Please continue with this entertaining programming.
-G.& M., Shaler Twp.
waterboarding...today it's ok to use on the the "Islamic terrorists", tomorrow may be OK on domestic "terrorists". What about those pesky killers in the headlines like Drew Peterson in Illinois...after all, we all know he killed his wife, but we need him to tell us where he hid the body...so waterboard him...we could all watch on pay for view TV. Congratulations to CNN for showing us how to do it.
I object to your leading of today's poll by referring to waterboarding as "harsh." Is it worse than taking a person out blindfolded and pretending to execute them? Is it worse than cutting their heads off with a sword while video taping it? If waterboarding can lead to the saving of a single innocent life, or preventing another 9/11 attack, then a little "inconvenience" is worth it.
-Mike, Plum, Pa.
As per your editorial,it was the closest voting results in my memory. But as good as the results for Republicans in the Pittsburgh mayor's race it was still 2 to 1 against. So in the future why bother to run any oppsition. In the future the people will continue to be forced vote for the primary indorced democrate, because all of the other likely democrates have dropped out in order to stay in good with the PARTY. Thus, the only one left on the ballot is the on who owes his existance to party hacks with the most influence and money. Wake up you ....s and see what has happened to the city in the last 70 years (no industy to pay your taxes and no high paying jobs to pay your taxes) and in addition the city was # 3 in corperate head quarters in the 1970(s) and now in the lower 20(s) in the country. In the early 1990(s) a 50% millage increase to the Golden(?) Triangle at the height of a building boom. This tax ended nearly all new construction, because as the leases expired the private sector left the city of Pittsburgh and the ones staying are banks, government, and lawyers (the ones who need not to compete with the outside world). SOLUTION: Get rid of prefential hiring due to party, race, family, nonproductive employees, review all on disability (offer a job to their new abilities - if not excepted cut them, procute all word=k related violationsto the max while holding in a bank account 50% of their pay should they win legal action, ... Do something because this imploding city is pulling the surrounding area down and I want my kids to find jobs here that are rewording.
-Bruce , Mt. Lebanon
At one time elected officals were called "Public Servants." Today some of these servants give themselves large pay increases, bonuses, top of the line health and retirement benefits, as well as other perks. They even manage to do this without a union or a strike. Instead of serving the public some of these people are like the fox in the hen house. The only way the average person and stop these abuses is by voting. Before you vote on November 6, 2007 ask yourself if that incumbent is a real value.

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