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With over one hundred fifty years of combined experience, KQV's Sales Department welcomes the opportunity to customize your marketing plan. Our hard-working, courteous staff will optimize your future growth.
For information, please contact
KQV General Sales Manager:
Judith Ross
412-562-5900 x 208


Little Known Facts About
 Sales Department


Peter Monteverde: 412-562-5900 X 202

A recent graduate of Robert Morris University who came to KQV in April 2014. He is an avid golfer and musician and loves the Pittsburgh area where he was born and raised.  He is proud to be part of the KQV legacy. 


Bob Dickey, Jr.: 412-562-5900 X 209

With twenty-five years of media experience and a family history of news awareness, peace can be found at home in Bethel Park with wife, Diana, and two sons.


Phyllis Fenn: 412-562-5900 X 212

This University of Pittsburgh graduate and Meadville native discovered Pittsburgh, KQV, and most importantly, the Pirates two decades ago.


Jennifer Halle: 412-562-5900 X 203

Twenty years ago, this Ohio University graduate arrived at KQV while still a student with dreams of being her generation’s Phyllis George.  But she found a home in the sales department where she combines a life-long passion for sports with KQV’s many play-by-play programs.


Judith Ross: 412-562-5900 X 208

A one-time high school teacher, she joined KQV over thirty years ago as “the oldest living intern” with a desire to write news.  But observing the “account executives dress nicely and go out to lunch” this Pittsburgh native learned to appreciate and protect the legacy of KQV.



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