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How much do you –and your advertising clients-know about advertising? This excerpt from Barry Cohen’s book 10 Ways to Screw Up an Ad Campaign-Designed to help executives understand their advertising needs-while help you find out.


“I have so much business I couldn’t handle any more if it walked through my doors.” Those words may chase away advertising salespeople, but they seldom ring true. Usually, you hear it from small businesses that claim to be able to handle their own advertising.


Let’s see how well you’re really doing. Take this “Advertising IQ Test,” and see for yourself. When you find out how little you really know about advertising, you may reconsider your position. You may discover that you can attract a lot more business with effective advertising. Very likely, you will find a way to handle the additional business. Moreover, when you take a look at the forces continually eroding you business, you’ll want to fortify yourself with some well-planned and well executed advertising.



1. Curiosity-arousing ads work best.


2. A picture is worth a thousand words.


3. The most important thing in an ad is the headline, followed by the caption under the photo or illustration.


4. People remember what they see better than what they hear.


5. To the consumer, perception is reality.


6. Celebrity spokespeople create better brand identities.


7. Companies that stopped advertising during recessions fared better than competitors.


8. Price is more important to consumers than anything else.


9. Everyone who reads the newspaper will see your ad.


10. Outdoor advertising has the lowest cost-reach ratio of all major media.
















































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