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Elaine Effort

Elaine first started at KQV in 1973, but took a six year break starting in 1977 to get married and have a family. KQV President and General Manager Robert W. Dickey convinced Elaine to return to KQV in 1983 on a part-time basis and once her youngest child started kindergarten, she came back full-time. Elaine got her start in broadcasting at the University of Michigan student radio station. Her first paying job was at WUOM in Ann Arbor. Elaine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Master of Arts in Journalism, both from the University of Michigan.


Bob "Bart" Bartolomeo
Morning Editor

Bob first came to KQV in the summer of 1974, answering the “request line” for the Top 40 format. After working in New York City and Washington D.C., Bob returned to KQV in 2006. Bob holds a degree in Journalism from Penn State. He is a native of Clairton and has, in the past, worked closely with Penn State Coach Joe Paterno, Larry King, Don Imus and Bruce Williams.

David Riley

David is a Jack of All Trades at KQV, filling in a number of positions as needed over the past decade. A Swissvale native, he has also worked at AURN as producer of the Bev Smith program.





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